Rowoon halts SF9 group activities, to focus on acting career

Singer-actor Rowoon will be halting all group activities with K-pop boy group SF9 in order to focus on his acting career. The news was announced by SF9’s agency FNC Entertainment, weeks after fans openly questioned Rowoon’s commitment to the group.

Many fans pointed out that Rowoon had missed several SF9 performances and fan meets, due to his acting engagements. There were calls for him to decide whether he wanted to be an actor or remain a K-pop idol. Some fans even urged FNC Entertainment to drop him completely from the group.

Rowoon’s decision comes as SF9 group members’ contracts reached their expiration date. SF9 will now move forward as an eight-member group, while Rowoon will focusing more on solo activities, including acting. Fans have been left wondering what’s next for the group’s dynamic without Rowoon’s charismatic presence.

In their statement, FNC Entertainment urged fans to continue to support both SF9 and Rowoon. The statement added “although the directions of their activities are different, Rowoon [and] the other eight members will cheer each other on.”

Rowoon speaks to fans

Rowoon himself addressed the issue in a heartfelt letter to fans, which he shared on SF9’s fan café. The star acknowledged that he should have addressed misunderstandings sooner. He expressed deep remorse for those who may have felt hurt by his actions. However, Rowoon was quick to reassure fans of his undying gratitude for their unwavering support.

The 27-year-old star’s letter radiated with eagerness as he revealed his desire to take on new challenges and explore uncharted territories. He asked fans to continue to follow his progress, as he strives to live “a life that he can be responsible for”.

Rowoon, whose birth name is Kim Seok-Woo, has become a rising star in the world of acting. He received praise for his roles in hit dramas like Extraordinary You and The King’s Affection. Currently, Rowoon is making hearts flutter in the supernatural fantasy K-drama Destined With You, alongside Jo Bo-Ah. He has also been announced to star in the upcoming project, The Matchmaker.

As fans anxiously await Rowoon’s next steps, one thing is clear: his decision to venture into the solo world has sent ripples of excitement across the K-pop community. Stay tuned for more updates on Rowoon’s exhilarating journey!

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