Hellbound actor Yoo Ah-In Faces New Arrest Over Alleged Drug Use

On September 18, legal authorities reignited their quest to detain the star of Burning and Hellbound, Yoo Ah-In, also known as Uhm Hong-Sik. The actor is embroiled in a probe concerning recurrent allegations of illicit drug consumption.

The court recently dismissed a previous arrest warrant for the actor from May, fueling rumours about possible jail time.

The Special Crime Investigation Division of Seoul’s Central District Prosecutors’ Office has once again petitioned for Yoo Ah In’s arrest. The indictment encompasses violations of the Narcotics Control Act, manipulation of evidence, and fleeing the crime scene. Authorities have also issued a parallel arrest warrant for Yoo Ah-In’s 32-year-old associate, identified as Choi.

A history of drug abuse

A spokesperson for the prosecution elaborated, “We have strong suspicions that Yoo Ah-In has been systematically and unlawfully ingesting prescription narcotics, a practice commonly referred to as ‘hospital hopping.’ The actor is accused of illicitly obtaining sedative medications under a different name and partaking in overseas drug abuse with Mr. Choi and others.”

The prosecution further condemned his purported conduct, highlighting actions that severely hinder the legal process. These include real-time sharing of investigation details with accomplices, destruction of evidence, aiding in the escape of accomplices abroad, and coercing alterations in testimonies.

According to the legal authorities, Yoo Ah In is alleged to have habitually acquired and consumed medical narcotics … Including propofol, amounting to roughly 500 million KRW (approximately US$378,000). Reportedly, medical facilities in Seoul have been supplying these drugs since 2020, ostensibly for cosmetic anaesthesia.

Earlier this year, authorities also scrutinized the actor for allegedly using about 1,000 sleeping pills obtained under another person’s name and for purportedly abusing narcotics like cocaine and marijuana in the United States.

Additional charges

After the court’s initial rejection of an arrest warrant in May, the prosecution took over the ongoing investigation. Following an extended three-month inquiry, additional charges were levied against Yoo Ah-In, specifically for directing an associate to destroy evidence and for coercing his companions to use marijuana while in the U.S.

The prosecution also confirmed that Choi had endeavoured to aid Yoo Ah In-in in covering up their alleged illegal activities. This was done by intimidating witnesses to either leave the country or alter their statements.

The initial exposure of Yoo Ah-In’s drug-related allegations occurred when the Korea Food and Drug Administration discovered his real name, Uhm Hong-Sik, in their Narcotics Integrated Management System.

A formal police probe began after verifying the actor’s frequent use of propofol at various clinics.

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