RIIZE Anton’s funny fan misunderstanding

RIIZE Anton had a funny fan meet recently. Sometimes answers come from the most unexpected places, and that’s precisely what unfolded during RIIZE’s SM Store Fansign event on Sept 17.

A fortunate fan had the chance to meet the K-pop boy group in person and specifically engaged with member Anton. The conversation kicked off with a straightforward inquiry about Anton’s ear birthmarks.

Fan (@sum9l3): “Did you intentionally avoid piercing through your two left ear birthmarks?”
Anton: “Actually, I only noticed the birthmarks after getting the piercings.”

The real twist came when the fan moved on to her next question, asking Anton about his life motto.
Fan: “So, do you have a guiding principle in life?”

Anton misunderstood the question, thinking she was asking about his “conception dream” (태몽, taemong), a Korean belief that certain dreams predict the birth of a child.

Anton: “Well, my mom dreamt of a white baby tiger when she was pregnant with me.”

RIIZE’s manager intervened, clarifying that the fan was asking about Anton’s life motto, not his birth-related dream.
Manager: “She’s asking about your life’s guiding principle, not a baby tiger.”

Despite the clarification, Anton amusingly stuck to his initial response.
Anton: “Yes, a white baby tiger.”
Fan (@sum9l3): “So, a baekho [tiger] is your life motto?”
Anton: “Exactly, a baekho.”

While this may not have been the answer the fan was anticipating, it certainly added a unique layer to RIIZE Anton’s persona that the fandom will undoubtedly find intriguing!

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