TWICE’s Nayeon Triumphs in US$453K legal battle

YP Entertainment has issued an official statement concerning the legal proceedings involving TWICE’s Nayeon. As per the 13th Civil Affairs Department of Seoul Eastern District Court, an individual known as “A,” who is the former partner of Nayeon’s mother, had filed a lawsuit against Nayeon last January, seeking repayment of 600 million won (around US$453,000). However, the court ruled in Nayeon’s favour.

The court’s decision took into account the financial transactions between “A” and Nayeon, which amounted to roughly 535.9 million won (approximately US$405,000) between the years 2004 and 2016. While the court acknowledged that these transactions were made for various reasons such as rent, tuition, and other expenses, it concluded that there was not enough evidence to categorize this as a legally binding loan. “A” has not filed an appeal post the initial verdict.

On Sept 19, a JYP Entertainment spokesperson informed Newsen that the case had been conclusively settled. It had no bearing on Nayeon’s professional career. The spokesperson further stated that the company is prepared to take stringent legal measures … Against any attempts to tarnish the artist’s reputation through unfounded claims or speculative reporting.

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