NEWJEANS’ Hyein delivers soulful cover of V’s Slow Dancing

Expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to cover V’s Slow Dancing, NEWJEANS’ Hyein described the song as having a dreamy quality that uplifted her spirits. “Every time I practice this song, it brings me immense joy,” she shared.

Upon her initial listen, Hyein found the track to be incredibly soothing, describing it as a song that evokes a sense of freedom and relaxation. However, she admitted that the laid-back rhythms presented a challenge during her performance. “I experimented with various vocal techniques and emotions during the recording,” she revealed.

Hyein also highlighted a specific line in the song’s second verse that struck her as particularly poignant. “There’s a line that goes, ‘Step on me and I’ll lift you up. Find someone new again. Got it on, Did you?’ I found this line to be deeply emotional,” she said, adding that she infused her rendition with the feelings it evoked in her.

“I’ll give my all to convey the emotion and deliver a heartfelt performance,”

She then went on to captivate her audience with a thoughtful and soulful interpretation of V’s Slow Dancing.

Watch the video below:

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