Park Seo-Joon sends triple food trucks to IU’s drama set

Park Seo-Joon pulled out all the stops to support his former co-star, IU … Showering her and her drama team with not one, but three food trucks. On Sept 19, 2023, IU showcased this grand gesture on her Instagram Stories, leaving fans and followers both amazed and entertained.

IU didn’t just post pictures of the food trucks; she also tagged Park Seo-Joon and expressed her heartfelt thanks. Adding a touch of humour, she referred to him as “Hong-Dae oppa,” the name of his character in their recent film, Dream, and playfully asked, “Why such extravagance, Hong-Dae oppa?”

IU thanks Park Seo-Joon for sending 3 food trucks to her new drama set.

But the fun didn’t stop there. IU also shared a photo of the delicious food and a morale-boosting note from Park Seo-Joon intended for her and the drama crew. She had fans in stitches when she humorously annotated his message.

Park Seo-Joon had penned that the food trucks were for “Soon-Ae,” leading IU to correct him amusingly. “Actually, it’s Ae-Soon, not Soon-Ae,” she clarified, ending her post with a whimsical emoji and a thank you note, “The food was delicious, Seo-Joon.”

IU thanks Park Seo-Joon for sending 3 food trucks to her new drama set.

This charming interaction between Park Seo-Joon and IU has fans excited for more You Have Done Well set updates. Stay tuned for more heartwarming and hilarious moments from your favourite stars. In the meantime, you might like:

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