SUPERPOP 2023 K-Pop Festival cancelled due to stage collapse

The highly-anticipated SUPERPOP 2023 K-Pop festival, set to feature industry giants like NEWJEANS, NMIXX, ITZY, and CL, has been abruptly cancelled due to a catastrophic stage collapse. The incident resulted in injuries to nine of the 13 workers present during setup.

VOLUMEUNIT, the organizer behind the festival, promptly released an official statement, expressing profound regret for the unfortunate event. “An unexpected accident during stage assembly has rendered the event unviable,” stated VOLUMEUNIT.

Scheduled for Sept 23-24 in Japan … The festival had attracted a global fanbase, eagerly planning to witness performances from their favourite artists. “Our deepest apologies go out to the fans and all stakeholders who had high expectations for this event,” added VOLUMEUNIT.

According to a report by TopStarNews, the severity of the workers’ injuries varies. One individual still in an unconscious state. This raises alarming questions about the adequacy of safety protocols in place.

The calamity has elicited a worldwide wave of support and concern, not only for the scheduled performers but, more crucially, for the injured workers.

VOLUMEUNIT has committed to adopting stringent measures to avert similar incidents in the future. They also confirmed that they will fully reimburse all ticket holders, with further details to be announced.

While the initial excitement surrounding SUPERPOP 2023 was palpable, the prevailing sentiment has now shifted to collective sorrow, coupled with hopes for the speedy recovery of the injured.