Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 11-12

We continue with the antics of psychic vet Bong Ye-Bun and detective Jang-Yeol as they team up to solve a series of murders in the small town of Mujin in Behind Your Touch.


In Episode 11 of Behind Your Touch, the suspense heightens as the team gathers at the festival, suspecting Sun-Woo as the murderer but lacking concrete proof. Their mission? To lure him to the enigmatic Butt of Truth booth. Ok-Hui devises a scheme to distract Mr. Park, allowing Sun-Woo to man the booth. Jang-Yeol attempts to get Sun-Woo to sit on the mysterious chair but fails, leading to a tense exchange where Sun-Woo calls out Jang-Yeol’s inefficiency in solving the case.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 11: Jang-Yeol confronts Sung-Woo.

Ye-Bun appears visibly downcast, likely because she suspects Sun-Woo. Jang-Yeol checks on her, but she brushes it off. Meanwhile, Hyun-Ok, in a tipsy state, shares a heartfelt moment with Ye-Bun and plans a visit to Ye-Bun’s late mother’s grave. At the cemetery, they discuss Ye-Bun’s mother, Jung Mi-Ok, and her puzzling suicide, revealing hidden layers of their family history and past affections.

Back at the police station, Jang-Yeol’s brusque behaviour irks his colleagues and earns him a stern warning from the police chief. The chief threatens dire consequences if progress isn’t made on the serial killer case, even going so far as to kick Jang-Yeol’s injured knee.

Mystery from the past

Jong-Mook, another officer, seeks information about the redevelopment victims from an elderly woman, who recalls a missing single mother. Concurrently, Ju-Man consults Dr. Jung, his top donor, who declines any favours. Ye-Bun confronts Ju-Man about her mother’s suicide, learning about her depression and medication. Inside, Hyun-Ok questions Dr. Jung about his collection of articles on Mi-Ok, leading to a shocking revelation: Mi-Ok didn’t commit suicide.

In a clandestine move, Jang-Yeol sneaks into Sun-Woo’s room and discovers a journal and an old photograph. The tension escalates when Kwang-shik follows Sun-Woo and ends up in a precarious situation, leading to a hospital visit that turns out to be a false alarm.

Ye-Bun seeks solace in alcohol, only to be joined by Sun-Woo. They share a vulnerable moment, discussing their mothers and the void they left behind. Jang-Yeol interrupts them, warning Ye-Bun about Sun-Woo’s potential danger. The conversation shifts to Jang-Yeol’s detective-like tendencies, which Ye-Bun argues are more psychopathic than Sun-Woo’s. She challenges him with a series of questions, which he fails, proving her point.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 11: Jang-Yeol comforts Ye-Bun

The next day, new revelations emerge. Jong-Mook and Hyun-Ok discover that Ju-Man owns most of the redevelopment land, and they decide to dig deeper. Dr. Jung visits Mi-Ok’s grave, only to be cornered by Ju-Man. Meanwhile, Jang-Yeol learns that Sun-Woo lied about his past.

In Seoul, Hyun-Ok and Jong-Mook find themselves in a comedic yet perilous situation involving handcuffs and a fire alarm. They manage to escape, but not without some awkward moments. Jang-Yeol uncovers more about Sun-Woo’s past, including his sudden departure from grad school and his connection to Ju-Man.

As the episode closes, we see Ju-Man enter his office building, followed by Ye-Bun and a knife-wielding figure in a raincoat. The shocking twist? The would-be killer is none other than Mr. Park! Talk about a cliffhanger.


In the twelfth instalment of Behind Your Touch, the story unfolds with Ye-Bun catching Mr. Park just as he’s about to tail Ju-Man into an office. She intervenes, disarming a tearful Mr. Park. They sit together on a bench, where Mr. Park reveals his motive: he intended to kill Ju-Man, blaming him for his family’s ruin. Meanwhile, Ju-Man’s assistant makes an appearance at the city building.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 11: Is Mr Park really the serial killer?

Determined to dig deeper, Ye-Bun conducts online research about the redevelopment project but finds no leads. She then visits the library, discovering an article her mother had written about a potential whistleblower who never came forward. At the police station, the team puzzles over the absence of shared traits among the victims.

Jang-Yeol and Jong-Mook find themselves increasingly aligned in their suspicion of Sun-Woo as the potential murderer. However, Jong-Mook dismisses Jang-Yeol’s belief in psychic phenomena, labelling him as delusional. Jong-Mook later encounters Mr. Park in a church, where he’s seeking spiritual solace for his sins.

Ye-Bun requests Jang-Yeol’s help to investigate her mother’s mysterious death. He discovers that Ju-Man’s testimony led authorities to rule her death as a suicide. A tense family dinner ensues, where Ju-Man subtly warns Ye-Bun to cease her investigations. Dr. Jung confronts Ju-Man, hinting at deeper, darker secrets surrounding Mi-Ok’s death.

Emotionally drained, Ye-Bun finds solace by the ocean, where Jang-Yeol joins her. She clings to his coat, revealing her inner turmoil but declining his offer for comfort. She later confides in Ok-Hui, suspecting her mother’s death was not a suicide.

Jang-Yeol continues his surveillance of Sun-Woo, eventually delegating the task to Deok-Hee. Ok-Hui orchestrates a social gathering with Ju-Man, which culminates in Ye-Bun making a shocking psychic discovery: Ju-Man had a hand in her mother’s death.

What is the serial killer’s motive?

Back at the police station, Jong-Mook and Jang-Yeol debate the plausibility of Sun-Woo knowing about the betrayals that link the victims. Deok-Hee loses track of Sun-Woo, triggering a frantic search that leads Jang-Yeol to a grisly scene: Ju-Man is dead, and Dr. Jung is found unconscious, holding a bloody knife.

Ye-Bun waits anxiously at the hospital for news on Dr. Jung’s condition. Jang-Yeol tells her that authorities found Dr. Jung with the murder weapon, but argues that his Parkinson’s disease makes it impossible for him to be the killer. He urges Ye-Bun to use her psychic touch to uncover the truth.

In a whirlwind of emotions, Ye-Bun finds medication and photos that confirm Dr. Jung’s condition. As she touches the unconscious Dr. Jung, she’s flooded with his memories, witnessing his paternal love for her just before his vital signs flatline.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 12: Dr Jung dies in front of Ye-Bun

Meanwhile, Mr. Park is arrested for the murder of Ju-man. The episode ends on this cliffhanger, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting answers to the myriad questions that have been raised.

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