BTS ARMY sign ‘contracts’ to renew their dedication to the fandom

Just days after BTS members renewed their contracts with HYBE, ARMYS have also renewed their own ‘contracts’ as members of the BTS fandom. Images of the signed ‘contracts’ are circulating online, with ARMYs sharing anecdotes about how they joined the fandom. It has also caused the hashtag #CONTRACTRENEWAL to trend on X (formerly Twitter).

The Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth (the full name for ARMY) Renewal Contract was generated by a fan under the handle @rimbai_ . It reads, in part:

“As a member of the ARMY Community, you swear to continuously commit to supporting all seven members of the global superstars BTS without excluding any member while giving them all the love in the world. You also swear on keeping the community a safe space for all genders, races, religions and beliefs without any discrimination. You will love everyone and accept each other’s differences in parallel with the tannies.”

The contract continues by stating it binds ARMYs until “2025 and beyond”. There is also a light-hearted ‘warning’ for members who choose to leave the fandom, or “the magic shop”. The contract instructs them to “do so quietly and without theatrics”, or else they would be subject to a “fine by clowning”.

Check out the full contract template below:

BTS ARMY sign 'contracts' to renew their dedication to the fandom

The fans show their support

Many individual ARMYs and BTS fansites shared their signed copies of the contract online, along with some comments. Some of the notable ones include:

  • “Joined the fandom In 2020, ngl, I just wanted to know their names like y’all. Don’t know how these 3 years passed soooo quick, but here I am staying with y’all and BTS beyond 2025!”
  • “If the tannies want to do this for another 5, 10, 20 years I’m in, I trust them more than anyone.”
  • “5 years with you is not enough, let us be together for the rest of our lives.”
  • “As silly as we are, this [contract renewal] is something that we mostly want to do as we wait. Keep up with the positivity.”

We feel that this is a wonderful way for fans to show their dedication to BTS, and we’re sure the boys are also touched by this gesture.

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