BTS’ Suga begins mandatory military service as social service agent

BTS member Suga has become the third member of the K-pop supergroup to begin his mandatory military service. He officially entered the Korean military today, Sept 22, 2023. His enlistment follows that of fellow members Jin in December 2022, and J-Hope in April 2023.

Aware of the public interest in Suga’s military service, BigHit Music issued a plea to BTS fans, urging them “not to visit Suga’s place of duty”. They emphasized the importance of respecting his privacy during this time.

It was also revealed that Suga, 30, has been ruled unfit for regular combat duty. It is believed that this is due to a shoulder injury he sustained in 2020. Instead, Suga will serve as a social service agent for 21 months, the same period required for regular military service.

Suga says goodbye to fans

On Sept 21, Suga posted a farewell message to fans on Weverse. He wrote: “I was able to come this far thanks to you. And the time has come. I will faithfully complete my duty and come back.”

Despite preparing to enlist, he still took a moment to show his concern for his fans’ health. He added: “Please be careful of the cold autumn weather change. Stay healthy and see you all in 2025!”

Suga’s enlistment marks a new chapter for BTS, as all seven members are now expected to serve in the military. The group has previously announced that they will go on hiatus during their military service, but they have also promised to reunite with fans in 2025.

ARMYs await Suga’s return

Suga’s fans, also known as ARMYs, took to social media to wish him a safe and healthy service. Many shared videos and messages of support, and some even created fan art to commemorate the occasion.

ARMYs are already eagerly anticipating Suga’s return in 2025, and they know that he will continue to produce amazing music and performances for many years to come.

We also want to wish Suga all the best, and look forward to seeing him and the rest of BTS again!

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