Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 18-20

We head into the final 3 episodes of Disney Plus’ amazing South Korean blockbuster, Moving. Let’s get right into it:

EPISODE 18 – South and North

In Episode 18 of Moving, Mi-Hyun resumes her quest for answers about her husband, Doo-Sik and re-enters the school. She interrupts Jae-Hak, who is on the brink of shooting Il-Hwan and Ki-Soo, by opening fire on him. Utilizing her special abilities, she defeats and kills Jae-Hak. Il-Hwan seizes Jae-Hak’s gun and instructs Ki-Soo to exit the school premises.

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 18: Mi-Hyun takes on the North Korean agents.

Ki-Soo hesitates, concerned for the teacher, but Il-Hwan insists, reminding himself that he’s an NIS agent. As Ki-Soo leaves, he hears crying and discovers Han-Byul in a classroom, advising her to stay quiet while he remains with her.

Concurrently, Deok-Yoon and Yong-Deuk are on the move after an encounter with Ju-Won. Mi-Hyun corners them on a staircase and uses a mirror to communicate with Deok-Yoon. She informs him that she has killed two of his men and demands to know Doo-Sik’s fate.

In another scene, Bong-Seok struggles to free himself from a net. Joon-Hwa engages him in conversation about Kim Doo-Sik, capturing Bong-Seok’s attention. Joon-Hwa reveals that he assisted the North in capturing Doo-Sik.

Doo-Sik’s secret mission

Then, Moving takes us back to 1994, when Mi-Hyun was assigned to investigate Doo-Sik. We witness the events of a crucial night, including Doo-Sik’s infiltration into the North leader’s home. He confronts Deok-Yoon but chooses not to kill the leader, who is on life support.

The episode also delves into Deok-Yoon’s grim project of finding and training gifted individuals, leading to the deaths of many. We learn how he discovered Joon-Hwa and Yong-Deuk and the brutal training methods he employed.

Back in the present, Mi-Hyun listens to Deok-Yoon’s account of her husband’s fate, leading to another gunfight. Mi-Hyun sustains a leg injury and retreats to treat herself.

Meanwhile, a newly invigorated Bong-Seok battles Joon-Hwa in mid-air. With Hui-Soo’s help, they manage to knock Joon-Hwa out.

At the school, Gang-Hoon struggles against Park Chan-Il’s superior skills and strength. Deok-Yoon and Yong-Deuk split up to cover more ground, ignoring Yong-Deuk’s limp from a past incident. Deok-Yoon searches for Mi-Hyun, who is tending to her wound in a restroom.

Elsewhere, Ju-Won starts to regenerate and receives a motivating call from Mi-Hyun, urging him to help save their children. The episode concludes with Deok-Yoon calling for reinforcements, summoning a mysterious man from a car trunk, who heads toward the school with determination.

EPISODE 19 – Final Battle

Episode 19 of Moving kicks off with Jae-Man soaring through the air at breakneck speed toward Jeongwon High School, driven by his singular mission to rescue his son, Gang-Hoon. The control room monitoring probationers is baffled by his speed, initially suspecting a computer glitch. After verifying Jae-Man’s file, the boss alerts both the police and the NIS about the security breach.

Inside the school, Gang-Hoon battles for his life, refusing to yield despite a broken arm. Concurrently, Deok-Yoon discovers Ki-Soo and Han-Byul hiding in the staff room. He advises them to stay concealed, indicating he has no intention of harming students, especially the gifted ones.

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 19: Gang-Hoon fights for his life.

The focus shifts back to Park Chan-Il and Gang-Hoon. Just as Park Chan-Il is about to deliver a fatal blow, Il-Hwan bursts in, guns blazing. Despite his efforts, he’s no match for the assassin. Park Chan-Il threatens to kill Gang-Hoon to extract information from Il-Hwan, but Jae-Man arrives just in time.

Final showdown at Jeongwon High

A high-octane fight erupts between Jae-Man and Park Chan-Il. Jae-Man gains the upper hand and instructs Gang-Hoon and Il-Hwan to leave. As this battle rages on, Yong-Deuk and Ju-Won join the fray, engaging in their own duel. Ultimately, Ju-Won defeats Yong-Deuk and reunites with Jae-Man.

Jae-Man’s deep love for his son shines through as he recalls a past promise he made to Gang-Hoon. Touched, Gang-Hoon expresses his desire to stay close to his father. Meanwhile, Jae-Man apologizes for his tardiness, and Ju-Won checks on Il-Hwan, who claims to have a plan.

This episode of Moving takes a dark turn with the introduction of Lim Jae-Seok, Deok-Yoon’s last resort. Jae-Seok possesses the power to channel energy through his hands, a skill he uses against Team South. A flashback reveals his tragic past, including his life in a concentration camp and his friendship with Yong-Deuk.

In the present, Jae-Man, Gang-Hoon, and Il-Hwan find themselves trapped under rubble. Jae-Man holds up the rocks, allowing Gang-Hoon to search for an escape route. Ju-Won confronts Jae-Seok, and Jae-Man joins him after ensuring Gang-Hoon and Il-Hwan’s safety.

Elsewhere, Bong-Seok and Hui-Soo share a tender moment amidst the chaos. Bong-Seok overhears a conversation between Deok-Yoon and Joon-Hwa, learning that his mother has killed two of their enemies. Joon-Hwa leaves despite Bong-Seok’s protests and ends up shooting Hui-Soo in the arm.

Moving Korean Drama Review: Episode 19: Bong-Seok and Hui-Soo reveal their feelings to each other.

Back at the school, the fight continues. Jae-Man takes down Jae-Seok, breaking his arm, while Yong-Deuk regains consciousness. Outside, Gye-do spots Joon-Hwa flying toward the school and decides to follow Hui-Soo, who appears injured.

The episode reaches a climax as the school building starts to crumble. The police rush to the scene, and we see Ki-Soo, Han-Byul, Gang-Hoon, and Il-Hwan safely outside. Ju-Won, holding an unconscious Jae-Man, manages to free himself just as Joon-Hwa takes a shot at him from above, bringing the episode to a heart-stopping close.

EPISODE 20 – Graduation Day

Episode 20 finale of Moving resumes the action with Joon-Hwa taking a shot at Ju-Won, hitting him directly in his left eye. Mi-Hyun retaliates by shooting at Joon-Hwa, who tries to subdue her. Using her special abilities, she manages to shoot him in the arms.

In another part of the chaos, Yong-Deuk searches for his friend Jae-Sook amid the rubble. Jae-Sook’s dying wish is for Yong-Deuk to live a normal life, a plea that leaves Yong-Deuk devastated as he exits the school, tears streaming down his face.

As Mi-Hyun and Joon-Hwa exchange gunfire, Bong-Seok swoops in just in time to rescue his mother. Meanwhile, Ju-Won removes his damaged eye and rejoins the battle.

Defying his mother’s wishes, Bong-Seok engages Joon-Hwa. Mi-Hyun rushes to the rooftop and encounters Deok-Yoon. With Gye-do’s assistance, Bong-Seok gains the upper hand, but Joon-Hwa recovers and holds him at gunpoint. Mi-Hyun is out of ammunition, and Deok-Yoon realizes her hesitation reveals her connection to Bong-Seok.

Gye-do uses electricity from his bus battery to aid Bong-Seok, incapacitating Joon-Hwa by severing one of his arms. Deok-Yoon advises Joon-Hwa to flee, reminding him of his family back in North Korea.

Yong-Deuk encounters Hui-Soo, who offers him comfort despite her own urgency to help Bong-Seok. Deok-Yoon reflects on his mission and the cycle of violence he wants to end. Despite Ju-Won and Mi-Hyun’s attempts to save him, he leaps to his death, choosing to end the cycle himself.

When the police arrive, the NIS takes control, barring the police from entering the school. Hui-Soo arrives and rushes to find her father. Bong-Seok carries Mi-Hyun, and they both marvel at how far they’ve come.

Wrapping things up

The students eventually graduate, with Bong-Seok notably absent. Gang-Hoon joins the NIS and requests that his father’s criminal record be cleared. In a shocking revelation, we learn that Shin Hye-Won is the puppet master behind everything, and Yong-Jun reports to her.

Il-Hwan stays on as a teacher and hands over Hui-Soo’s files to Ju-Won as a token of gratitude. Ju-Won later finds Rae-Hyuk and eliminates him.

Joon-Hwa returns to North Korea and frees Doo-Sik, informing him of Yong-Jun’s plans. Doo-Sik returns to South Korea and kills Yong-Jun, then reunites with his family in an emotional scene.

Ju-Won and Hui-Soo continue their close relationship, with Yong-Deuk living with them and helping in their restaurant. Yong-Deuk fulfils Jae-Sook’s last wish by living a normal life, much to the delight of Hui-Soo, who affectionately calls him “uncle.”

The season concludes with the mysterious return of Frank. What are his intentions? Mark files him as missing and contacts Elias, hinting at a significant role in the unfolding story.

The season finale ties up many loose ends while leaving some questions unanswered, setting the stage for what promises to be an intriguing next season of Moving.

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