New JYP girl group VCHA drops pre-release single Y.O.Universe

On Sept 21, 2023 JYP Entertainment announced its newest girl group VCHA, comprising the final six contestants from its K-pop audition show A2K. The show was a joint project between JYP and Republic Records to form a North American K-pop girl group. VCHA’s members are Lexi (17, from Milwaukee), Camila (18, Montreal), Savanna (17, Fort Lauderdale), Kendall (17, Fort Worth), KG (16, Los Angeles), and Kaylee (13, Philadelphia).

The girls introduced themselves by releasing their pre-debut single SeVit (NEW LIGHT) soon after the results were made public. The music video for the single’s title track Y.O.Universe was also released online. Described as an “up-tempo pop track”, Y.O.Universe contains an uplifting message meant to instill self-confidence. The single also contains two other tracks, Go Getter and Know Me Like That, which they performed on A2K.

Y.O.Universe MV shows the girls’ personalities

The music video follows each of the girls as they go about their individual daily lives. We see the girls studying, going for ballet, gymnastics and painting lessons, busking, and attending a dance audition. Each girl appears to be unhappy on their own, experiencing various levels of failure or disappointment.

Towards the end, we see five of the girls show up to support the sixth member at her busking gig. There, they realize that they are stronger together, and end up dancing onstage.

Check out the music video for Y.O.Universe by VCHA below:

Get ready to meet VCHA

Now that VCHA have been introduced, they are expected to make appearances on domestic music programs in the near future. The girls will also be performing Y.O.Universe for the first time live.

We look forward to seeing what fresh new sounds VCHA will bring to the world of K-pop!

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