BTS’ Jungkook and 3RACHA rock Global Citizen Festival stage

The Global Citizen Festival in New York witnessed a historic moment in K-pop history as BTS’ Jungkook took the stage as the first soloist to co-headline the prestigious event. But the surprises didn’t stop there, as Stray Kids’ sub-unit 3RACHA also set the stage ablaze with their powerful performance.

Despite the pouring rain, ARMYs were out in full force to support Jungkook, the golden maknae of BTS. His performance was nothing short of sensational, filled with unexpected surprises that left fans electrified.

Kicking off his set with Euphoria, Jungkook was visibly moved as the crowd sang along passionately. Addressing the festival’s mission, he urged the audience to make an impact and ensure access to basic rights like food and education for everyone worldwide.

He addressed the purpose of the show, saying, “Let’s keep making an impact further to make sure everyone, everywhere has access to their basic rights like food and education. Okay?”

BTS' Jungkook and 3RACHA rock Global Citizen Festival stage
Getty/Global Citizen Festival

Jungkook performs, reveals new single

A touching moment came when he performed Still With You live for the first time. The emotion was palpable as Jungkook enchanted the crowd with his soulful voice and guitar solo, making it a memory to cherish for fans.

Jungkook’s summer single Seven followed, and it wasn’t just a solo act. The audience was in for a delightful surprise as rapper Latto joined him on stage to deliver a live performance of her feature in the collab. The unexpected collaboration left fans exhilarated.

Wow, that was a nice surprise, right? Jungkook commented at the song’s end. Latto added: Thank you, JK. Shout out to the ARMY!

The finale of Jungkook’s set featured a BTS medley, including chart-topping hits like Permission to Dance, Dynamite, and Butter. It was a fitting conclusion that showcased the group’s global impact.

But the surprises continued as a teaser for 3D flashed on the stage, revealing the title of Jungkook’s next single featuring Jack Harlow. BigHit Music later confirmed the exciting news online, leaving ARMY buzzing with anticipation. Concept photos for 3D were later released online:

3RACHA wows Global Citizen audience

STRAY KIDS’ sub-unit 3RACHA, comprising members Bang Chan, Changbin and Han, brought their explosive energy to the festival. The sub-unit members performed their hit songs like 3RACHA, HEYDAY and TOPLINE, much to the delight of the crowd.

3RACHA’s performance was a last-minute surprise, as the rest of STRAY KIDS were unable to attend the Global Citizen Festival. Three members of the group, Seungmin, Lee Know and Hyunjin, were involved in a minor car accident on Thursday. Nonetheless, the 3RACHA trio delivered a captivating performance, leaving their mark on the event.

We are actually the ones that produce all STRAY KIDS music you guys listen to!! Other members unfortunately weren’t able to make it today, but we promise that this is going to be as explosive and energetic as having the entire group here today,” Bang Chan told the audience.

STRAY KIDS’ are reportedly set to make a comeback sometime in November. Fans are looking forward to their next album, which will be a follow-up to their record-breaking album 5-STAR.

With Jungkook and 3RACHA’s electrifying performances, the Global Citizen Festival 2023 celebrated the power of music and advocacy, making it a night to remember for fans around the world.

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