BTS-themed exhibition by The Fact set to land in Malaysia

Earlier this week, Malaysian K-pop fans living around the Klang Valley noticed an intriguing billboard ad teasing “The B★Verse”, with the tagline: “BTS, Singing the Stars”. Searches online soon unearthed an account on X (formerly Twitter) with the handle @bversemalaysia, which urged fans to take a video of the billboard and to tag them.

Fans were curious about the billboard ads, suspecting that an exciting new BTS-themed event would take place in Malaysia soon.

Today, those questions were finally answered, after the account confirmed the impending arrival of the global B★Verse Exhibition in Malaysia. The exhibition is organized by The Fact, a South Korea-based media company that hosts the , and managed by Apollon Studios.

About The Fact

The Fact hosts the prestigious The Fact Music Awards (TMA), which is organized by Fan N Star. The awards ceremony, which began in 2018, recognizes “major contributors to the Hallyu wave”.

BTS has won the most number of awards at TMA since it began, totalling 23 awards. The group has also taken home the Daesang Award for the past 5 years in a row. Other notable award winners are the groups SUPER JUNIOR, STRAY KIDS and THE BOYZ, as well as solo artists Lim Young-Woon, Kang Daniel and Hwang Chi-Yeul.

BTS at The Fact Music Awards 2022
BTS have won multiple awards at The Fact Music Awards. –

The B★Verse Exhibition

According to the post, the B★Verse Exhibition will take place in the latter half of the year. The BTS-themed exhibition will debut in Japan and Malaysia, before making its way to Singapore and Indonesia.

The exhibition will consist of “carefully chosen photographs and exclusive images from THE FACT BTS PHOTOBOOK SPECIAL EDITION”. The photos will focus on BTS’ journey from 2020 to 2022, and allow fans to “appreciate BTS’ heartfelt performances all in one location”.

Fans can look forward to a VR Room that “vividly recreates BTS’ TMA stages from 2021 to 2022”. The seven BTS members will also be represented by “seven planets”, showcasing different concepts, photos and videos.

The exhibition will also be able to explore past TMA winners from 2020 to 2022, and “experience dazzling moments symbolizing BTS and their fans”.

Further details are expected to be announced soon.

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