Lee Seung-Gi’s Concert Cancellation: Real Reasons Exposed

The controversy surrounding K-pop idol-turned-actor Lee Seung-Gi’s concert cancellation gets a shocking revelation. It was previously reported that the tour was riddled with problems and cancellations. Recent news reveals the extent of the issues involved.

NJPAC Uncovers Truth Behind Lee Seung-Gi’s Abrupt Concert Cancellation

In a turn of events that has K-pop enthusiasts buzzing … The New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) is publicly questioning the stated reasons for the abrupt halt of Lee Seung-Gi’s concert. Contrary to the narrative of lacklustre ticket sales claimed by NJPAC, Lee’s management company attributed the cancellation to venue-related complications.

Leaked Messages Unveil Hidden Agendas

This stance by NJPAC follows the exposure of confidential KakaoTalk conversations between Hugh Entertainment and Jang Jaeha the CEO of Human Made. These messages initially considered pinning the concert cancellation on “venue issues,” with an aim to shift the spotlight to the shows in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Lee Seung-Gi's Concert Cancellation: Real Reasons Exposed


  • Jang Jaeha: How about we exclude stating ticket sales for the reason for cancellation?
  • Hugh Entertainment: There should still be a reason for cancellation to avoid severe backlash. Did you have anything in mind?
  • Jang Jaeha: The consensus with our PR team is that due to the geographical issue. We decided not to go through with the New Jersey performance to focus on the L.A and Atlanta concerts. The reason for the cancellation hasn’t gone out yet from the venue, right?
  • Hugh Entertainment: We didn’t state specifically that it was low ticket sales and just wrote ticket sales. But we think there could direct backlash regarding this. We will add the portion about geographical issues. There hasn’t been any statement released from the venue yet.
  • Jang Jaeha: I think we should take out the part about ticket sales altogether. The current statement makes it very clear that ticket sales are low.
  • Hugh Entertainment: If you want, we will take it out (about low ticket sales), but if geographical issues are emphasized. It makes it look like Atlanta is okay and not New Jersey, making the justification for cancellation weak. We do not currently have enough justification to convince New York fans of their opposition to this.
  • Jang Jaeha: We are currently still in discussion regarding this. I think we need to go as vague as possible. Rather than emphasizing the geographic issue, we should announce the cancellation due to the local market. Even when inquiries come in, in the case of Hugh, since it’s a company headquartered in L.A., I think we will have to notify them of the cancellation due to local circumstances in New York. – Source

Low Ticket Sales

The disclosed chats also delve into the sensitive topic of ticket sales. Initially, Hugh Entertainment contemplated attributing the concert cancellation to poor ticket sales but retreated to sidestep a PR fiasco. The ticket sales for the New York-New Jersey events fell far short of the break-even point, selling only 250 out of the required 1,704 tickets, as the data reveals.

Providing Reasons

The conversations underscore the precarious position the organizers were in, struggling to concoct a plausible reason for the cancellation that wouldn’t tarnish their image. They considered being as ambiguous as possible, eventually settling on blaming “local market conditions” in New York—a decision that NJPAC vehemently disputed.

Financial Hurdles and Scrambling for Sponsorships

The leaked dialogues also illuminate the financial obstacles faced by the organizers. The Atlanta concert was on the brink of cancellation due to dismal ticket sales. To salvage the situation, Hugh Entertainment scrambled to secure sponsorships from Korean enterprises and eateries.

Question Marks Over Lee Seung-Gi’s Commitment

Intriguingly, the messages also touch upon Lee Seung Gi’s health, cited as a reason for his failure to visit sponsor establishments. This has ignited debates over the artist’s level of commitment and the overall planning of the tour.

The exposed information has agitated the waters, casting doubts on Lee Seung-Gi’s professionalism and the transparency of the event coordinators. Fans are urging the artist to reevaluate his career, particularly since he has been absent from the music landscape for some time.