Yoo Ah-In Dodges Arrest Again but gets hit with ‘Bail Money’

In events worthy of a blockbuster script, Yoo Ah-In, the star of Seoul Vibe, once again eluded arrest. The Seoul Central District Court, under the supervision of Chief Judge Yoon Jae-Nam, dismissed the second request for an arrest warrant against the actor and his associates, Mr. Choi and Mr. Park. All face charges from drug law violations to evidence tampering and evading arrest.

According to a report, Judge Yoon, in his ruling, stated that Yoo Ah-In had admitted to a considerable extent his alleged crimes, including the misuse of propofol and the unlawful acquisition of sleeping pills, as well as smoking marijuana. The judge further noted that the actor had no prior criminal record and a stable residence, concluding that detaining him was neither necessary nor reasonable at this juncture.

The court also delved into the actor’s alleged role in encouraging Mr. Kim to smoke marijuana. While acknowledging this, Judge Yoon left room for debate on whether Yoo Ah In could be classified as a ‘mentor’ in marijuana usage. Similarly, the judge acknowledged that Yoo Ah In had instructed Mr. Park to erase his cellphone but questioned whether this constituted instigating the destruction of evidence.

Hit with a bundle of money

As Yoo Ah-In exited the courtroom, a drama of its own unfolded. An unidentified woman hurled a bundle of cash at the actor, sarcastically advising him to “Use it for his bail.” The money, a mix of 10,000 won, 5,000 won, and 1,000 won bills … Added a bizarre twist and more fodder for the media personnel in attendance.

This isn’t the actor’s first brush with public scorn. In May, a citizen threw a coffee-filled bottle at the Hellbound star, surprising him and his escort.

Speaking to the media, Yoo Ah-In apologized for the public worry he’s caused and pledged full cooperation with the police. He has been under scrutiny since March following a positive test for seven different types of drugs. This resulted in a travel ban for him and his accomplices.

As the legal and public drama continues to unfold around Yoo Ah-In and the prosecution’s failure to arrest him … One thing is clear: this story is far from over. Stay tuned for more updates.

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