Posters for Joseon dynasty rom-com The Matchmakers unveiled

Fans of historical rom-coms, get ready to mark your calendars! KBS2’s highly-anticipated drama, The Matchmakers, has unveiled stunning new posters that promise an exciting tale set during the Joseon dynasty.

The Matchmakers narrates the captivating story of Jung Soon-Deok, portrayed by Cho Yi-Hyun, a young widow, and Shim Jung-Woo, played by Rowoon, a young widower. Together, they embark on an adventurous journey to find suitable matches for four young maidens representing Joseon society.

In this historic romantic comedy, Rowoon takes on the role of Shim Jung-Woo, a brilliant individual who attains the distinction of becoming the youngest person to pass the Civil Service Exam. However, his promising career and marriage prospects crumble due to an unfortunate incident during a royal wedding ceremony.

Intriguing character posters

The newly released character posters offer a glimpse into the charismatic leads and their unique attributes. In Shim Jung-Woo’s poster, Rowoon dons a vibrant purple hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and a gat (traditional Korean hat) with bamboo straps, exuding a strong sense of principle and integrity.

On the other hand, Cho Yi-Hyun’s character, Jung Soon-Deok, the second daughter-in-law of the first vice-premier’s family, leads a double life as Mrs. Yeo Joo, the city’s top matchmaker in Hanyang. Her character poster features her adorned with a gache (traditional Korean wig) and colorful hair accessories, showcasing her charm as Mrs. Yeo Joo.

Perfect for ’emotional fall’ season

The production team behind The Matchmakers released a statement expressing their excitement about the character teaser posters. The posters aim to provide viewers with a clear understanding of Shim Jung-Woo and Jung Soon-Deok’s distinctive characteristics.

They also encouraged fans to anticipate the unpredictable “wedding operation” that the duo will orchestrate. They promise that The Matchmakers is the perfect drama to dive into during the emotional fall season.

The Matchmakers is scheduled to premiere on Oct 30, 2023 at 9:45PM KST. International fans can catch it on the popular streaming platform Viki. Get ready to embark on a thrilling historical romance journey filled with laughter, love, and matchmaking adventures!

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