BLACKPINK’s Future at YG Uncertain Amid Cryptic Posts

The world is eagerly awaiting news of BLACKPINK’s Contract talks and future, as the iconic girl group approaches the end of their contracts. Recent cryptic Instagram posts by members Lisa and Rosé have fueled rumours and left fans and the media guessing.

Lisa recently uploaded a series of photos on Instagram and captioned them enigmatically as “You’re not invited.” This post fuels speculation about ongoing contract talks with YG Entertainment. This comes on the heels of reports that Lisa had previously turned down two lucrative offers from the label.

Adding to the intrigue on Blackpink’s future with YG, Rosé also posted ambiguous photos of herself walking through a garage, captioning them with “Great minds think alike,” which has been interpreted as a nod to the group’s uncertain future. These posts have come at a time when it’s been reported that Rosé may be the only member renewing her contract with YG Entertainment.

Further complicating matters, recent news suggests that Jennie and Jisoo are considering starting their own one-person agencies and may not renew their contracts with YG Entertainment. Is Rosé also thinking about setting up her own agency along with Lisa?

YG Entertainment’s ambiguous statements regarding contract renewals have done little to quell the rising tide of speculation. Many believe that the lack of a clear response from them indicates stalled negotiations. They claim that “nothing has been decided,” despite this.

The stock value of YG Entertainment has plummeted 18.43% over the last four trading sessions, settling at 65,500 won as of September 25. Investor apprehensions surrounding BLACKPINK’s upcoming contract renewals and the potential solo ventures of Jennie and Jisoo contribute to this downturn. YG’s lacklustre response to these critical matters has further eroded investor confidence.

YG Entertainment shares drop from uncertain Blackpink contract renewal and contract talks

Blackpink in the news …

In other news, Jennie is turning heads for different reasons. Her recent HERA ad campaign has fans raving about her toned physique and “s-line” figure. Jennie’s commitment to fitness, evident since her debut, continues to be a hot topic on social media.

Meanwhile, Lisa is making waves with a teaser for her upcoming Crazy Horse Paris performance. The 26-year-old Thai artist’s sensual dance moves, captured in a form-fitting bodysuit, have netizens in awe. Despite some backlash in China over her association with the cabaret, tickets for the Lisa x Crazy Horse shows have sold out.

Lastly, Jisoo is currently the talk of Paris Fashion Week as DIOR’s global ambassador. Her unique blend of Parisian elegance and K-pop flair has made her a must-see at the event. Fans have been flocking to spots frequented by Jisoo, who has been graciously interacting with her admirers.

Will Jisoo attend Lisa’s much-anticipated Crazy Horse Paris performance?

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