Park Eun-Bin Preps for Role in Castaway Diva

Actress Park Eun-Bin is working hard to prepare for her upcoming role in the tvN drama Castaway Diva. A behind-the-scenes video, released on Sept 25th by the YouTube channel tvN drama, offers a glimpse into the show’s making.

The drama, featuring a star-studded cast including Kim Hyo-Jin, Chae Jong-Hyeop, Cha Hak-Yeon, and Kim Joo-Heon, revolves around an aspiring diva who embarks on her musical journey after a 15-year stint on a deserted island. Park Eun-Bin depicts Mok-Ha in Castaway Diva, a resilient young woman who clings to her dreams despite her isolated upbringing.

Discussing her character, Park Eun-Bin revealed, “Mok-Ha is a character brimming with sensitivity and zeal. To do justice to her musical talents, I’ve been practising the guitar. She also has a unique dialect, which adds to her emotional depth.”

During the initial script reading, the actress felt an uplifting energy among her co-stars. “The script resonated with me on many levels, evoking both laughter and heartfelt moments,” she said.

Kim Hyo-Jin, who plays Ran-Joo, a once-famous singer eyeing a comeback, shared her enthusiasm for the role. “I took on this character because it offered a new and exciting challenge. Ran-Joo is a complex character with both beauty and talent, and I’ve been honing my skills to portray her well.”

The actress also expressed her anticipation for the drama’s release, stating, “The first joint script reading was nerve-wracking, but the positive vibes have me eagerly awaiting the show’s premiere.”

With such dedicated preparation from its cast, Castaway Diva is shaping up to be a hit drama on tvN.

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