NEWJEANS performs anthem for League of Legends World Championship

NEWJEANS will perform the anthem for the League of Legends World Championship 2023, with the single Gods released worldwide on Oct 4. 2023. Music industry publication CelebrityAccess accidentally leaked a press release announcing the collaboration earlier this morning. Fans shared screenshots of the news online, before it was hastily deleted. The official League of Legends account later tweeted to confirm NEWJEANS’ participation.

Gods by NEWJEANS will be available for streaming on YouTube and other platforms. The League of Legends account revealed a tantalizing cover image and a snippet of the song. The snippet features some ominous vocalisations by a choir, laid over a thumping bass beat.

The leaked article has since been restored. It featured a quote from NEWJEANS, sharing their thoughts on the project. “It was a new experience for us,” the group was quoted as saying. “We had fun exploring a new music style. With this collaboration, we’re excited to present a song that combines NewJeans’ and League of Legends’ unique styles. We hope it gives you a fresh sense of empowerment.”

NEWJEANS taking over the world

K-pop girl group NEWJEANS

NEWJEANS continues to make waves in the music world. This year, they released their single album OMG and the mini-album Get Up, featuring the hit track Super Shy. Additionally, member Danielle sang the Korean version of the theme song for Disney’s The Little Mermaid remake. NEWJEANS’ also made headlines with a captivating cover of Kim Jong-Seo’s Beautiful Restriction for the hit time travel K-drama A Time Called You.

Fans from both the League of Legends E-sports community and the K-Pop fandom have reacted with great excitement. Several top Korean teams like Gen.G, T1, KT Rolster, and Dplus KIA are participating in this year’s World Championship.

The anthem’s impending release comes ahead of the World Championship schedule. The Worlds Qualifying Series begins on Oct 10 KST, featuring a showdown between Team BDS and Golden Guardians. The play-in stage and main event will follow, creating an exciting blend of competitive gaming and music.

The finale of the extended tournament takes place on Nov 19 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. It promises an epic showdown that fans worldwide are eagerly waiting for.

We eagerly await the release of NEWJEANS’ Gods on Oct 4 to hear what they have in store for us!

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