Why K-Romance Captivates: Insights from K-Drama Stars

Netflix K-Drama series have a magnetic charm that has enchanted viewers globally. What makes these Korean romance series so irresistible? Let’s hear it from the stars themselves.

Netflix recently unveiled a video where the leading actors of this year’s must-watch K-Romance shows share their thoughts on the genre’s unique appeal. Read on to find out why K-Romance captivates viewers:

Fantasies Realized:

Why K-Romance Captivates: Bae Suzy in Doona!
Suzy in ‘Doona!’ – Netflix

Ever daydreamed about a serendipitous meeting with your celeb crush? K-Romance turns these dreams into reality, as seen in the upcoming Netflix series Doona! where a college newbie, Won-Jun, and ex-K-pop sensation Doona become housemates. Yang Se-Jong, who portrays the average Joe Won-Jun, believes that K-Romance is where “fantasy love becomes reality.”

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When opposites attract

Why K-Romance Captivates: Netflix's Destined With You still
Rowoon and Jo Bo-Ah in ‘Destined With You’.

K-Romance excels in coupling diametrically opposite characters, making their love stories irresistibly compelling. Destined With You pairs a high-flying lawyer with a humble civil servant, creating a love story that defies social barriers.

Revealing the kind of romance shows she enjoys, Jo Bo-ah, who plays civil servant Lee Hong-Jo, says: “I love the traditional kind of romance with an unbreakable bond between two completely different people.”

From Foes to Flames in K-romance:

K-Romance often turns adversaries into soulmates, as seen in King The Land, where a hotel heir and his cheerful employee find love amidst workplace tension. Junho, a global K-pop idol, finds such romances “relatable and authentic.”

“Isn’t a risky workplace romance always the best?” says Junho cheekily. “The emotions are so relatable and real because of the office setting. It can happen to you!”

YoonA and Junho in Netflix’s ‘King the Land’. – Netflix

Love that transcends life and time

Ever wondered if love could endure beyond life and death? K-drama titles explore this with the “time leap” or “rebirth” theme, posing the question: “Would you still love me if we could do it all over again?”

For Shin Hye-Sun, who stars in See You in My 19th Life, the answer is a resounding yes. She describes true love as a “powerful affection that’s strong enough to bulldoze through your afterlife and still have your heart set on the same person.” Sure enough, Shin portrays a young girl who can endlessly reincarnate but when her 18th life gets cut short, she dedicates the next one to finding her now grown-up childhood crush who does not remember anything.

Similarly, in A Time Called You, Jeon Yeo-been plays a grieving woman who magically travels through time to 1998, where she meets a man remarkably similar to her late love. To Jeon Yeo-Been, K-Romance can offer much hope, as it shows that “no matter how far back in time, no matter how different the person seems to appear, if it’s destiny, then you will end up together.”

A Time Called You Episode 1 Recap
Ahn Hyo-Seop and Jeon Yeo-Been in ‘A Time Called You’. – Netflix

More than just Rom-Com

K-romance has evolved into a hybrid of comedy, romance, and even thriller elements. K-drama Behind Your Touch follows a psychic vet and a detective as they join forces to crack small-town cases and end up uncovering a chilling serial killer mystery. Playing the vet with the comic superpower that involves touching butts, rom-com queen Han Ji-Min quips that it is a “refreshing new take on love.”

Netflix presents Behind Your Touch
Lee Min-Ki and Han Ji-Min in ‘Behind Your Touch’. – Netflix

With K-Romance gaining global popularity, Netflix has a trove of love stories waiting for you. From heartwarming classics to thrilling time-travel adventures, there’s a K-drama palette for every romantic soul. So, why not dive into this delightful world and find your own reason to get hooked?

Do you agree with the reasons why K-romance captivates audiences?

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