NEWJEANS celebrates Chuseok with stunning hanbok photos

K-pop girl group NewJeans has released a stunning pictorial to celebrate Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving holiday. The photos showcase the group’s more mature, ever-evolving style, as well as their deep appreciation for Korean culture and traditions.

In their 2023 Chuseok photos, NEWJEANS members Danielle, Haerin, Hanni, Hyein and Minji are pictured around in a traditional Korean house. The girls are dressed in beautiful traditional hanbok with pale flowy skirts and blue, green and grey tops. Their individual posed shots highlight their gorgeous visuals, with muted lighting to highlight the colors of their hanbok.

The caption that accompanied the latest Chuseok photoshoot featured a hopeful message from NEWJEANS: “Have a bountiful one”. The message also had a bunny emoji and a moon emoji.

NEWJEANS’ new mature look

The latest photos show how much NEWJEANS have matured compared to last year’s Chuseok celebration. Their 2022 Chuseok photos saw the girls dressed in hanbok of various shades of pastel pink, giving them a soft, graceful vibe.

Fans pointed out the differences between the two photoshoots, saying that NEWJEANS have matured so much after one year. They praised the girls’ new Chuseok outfits, calling them ‘princesses’.

Collaboration with League of Legends

NEWJEANS continues to make waves in the music world. This year, they released their single album OMG and the mini-album Get Up, featuring the hit track Super Shy. The group will also release Gods, the anthem for the League of Legends World Championship 2023, on Oct 4, 2023.

In a press release announcing the collaboration, NEWJEANS stated: “It was a new experience for us. We had fun exploring a new music style. With this collaboration, we’re excited to present a song that combines NEWJEANS’ and League of Legends’ unique styles. We hope it gives you a fresh sense of empowerment.”

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