Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 13-14

Episode 13

The 13th instalment of Behind Your Touch plunges into the enigmatic night that led to Ju-Man’s untimely death. Dr. Jung accidentally discovers the cloaked killer, whose identity is hidden by a raincoat. Fast-forward to the present, and Dr. Jung’s life signs are failing, leaving Hyun-Ok and Ye-Bun in a state of grief and funeral planning.

Jang-Yeol breaks the news to Ye-Bun: the memorial service is on hold due to an impending autopsy, casting Dr. Jung as the prime suspect. Alongside Seoul investigator Detective Kang, Jang-Yeol consults a neurosurgeon who reveals Dr. Jung’s Parkinson’s condition, challenging the notion that he could be the murderer.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 13: The police investigate Dr Jung

Jang-Yeol later assures Ye-Bun that he’s sorted out the funeral details. At the service, Mr. Ha shares with Kwang-Shik that if Dr. Jung were alive, he’d have officiated his wedding to Ae-Ran. Amidst the sorrow, Mr. Park breaks down, prompting Mr. Bae to announce the murder case’s reopening. This revelation causes Kwang-Shik to exit abruptly, casting a wary eye at Mr. Park.

Deok-Hee notes Sun-Woo’s absence, echoed by Mr. Park. Hyun-Ok shares her confusion about Dr. Jung’s actions with Jong-Mook, who suggests Dr. Jung might have stayed near Ju-Man for revenge, keeping this a secret for their peace.

Goodbye, grandpa

Ye-Bun, emotionally charged, confides in Ok-Hui, pondering if her mother granted her psychic powers to understand Dr. Jung, despite never accessing his memories. Concurrently, the police find that Sun-Woo has quit his job, left town, and is unreachable.

Jong-Mook provides Ye-Bun with her grandfather’s case file. Jong-Mook and his team vow to continue their secret investigation, even though they are barred from the case. They scour train station footage for Sun-Woo but find nothing.

Jang-Yeol and Jong-Mook visit the funeral hall, discovering Ye-Bun’s lack of appetite. Jang-Yeol persuades her to eat her favourite meal, and she thanks him for clearing Dr. Jung’s name.

Sun-Woo eventually arrives, apologizing for his lateness and attire. He explains his absence was due to searching for his mother after an unidentified body was found. He also shares his past resentment towards Ju-Man but refrains from acting on it. Ye-Bun comforts him, while Jang-Yeol watches, slightly disheartened.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 13: Ye-Bun and Sung-Woo meet at the funeral.

The killer revealed?

Kwang-Shik informs Jang-Yeol that he suspects Mr. Park to be Ju-Man’s killer, having seen him follow Ju-Man with a knife. Detective Kang overhears and arrests Mr. Park, who denies the allegations.

Ye-Bun reveals her psychic abilities to the police and discloses the truth about Mr. Park. She requests their help to meet him, leading to a covert operation that ultimately exonerates Mr. Park.

Jang-Yeol grows suspicious of Sun-Woo, who reveals he escorted Dr. Jung to Ju-Man’s office on the murder night. Ye-Bun verifies Sun-Woo’s account through her psychic touch, also confirming he isn’t another psychic.

The next day, Sun-Woo takes Ye-Bun to Kwang-Shik’s on his bike. During the ride, he admits to avoiding her touch at the festival due to his internal rage. Ye-Bun then theorizes that Kwang-Shik might be the murderer, adding another layer of complexity to the unfolding drama.

Meanwhile, Kwang-Shik, clad in a raincoat, delivers milk to Ju-Man’s office, only to be told it’s no longer needed. He then steps out into the rain, leaving viewers in suspense.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 13: Is Kwang-Shik the serial killer?

Episode 14

Episode 14 of Behind Your Touch picks up with Kwang-Shik, donned in a raincoat, navigating the night. Concurrently, Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun grow increasingly suspicious that he might be the elusive serial killer. Jang-Yeol pays a visit to Kwang-Shik’s residence, where Ae-Ran informs him that Kwang-Shik had left earlier. Jang-Yeol then ensures Ye-Bun is safely home, advising her to keep Ok-Hui close.

In a secluded area, Kwang-Shik clutches a bleeding abdominal wound. Jang-Yeol’s search for him leads to an encounter with a raincoat-clad individual wielding a blood-stained knife. A brief chase ensues, culminating in Jang-Yeol sustaining an arm injury from the knife-wielding figure, who manages to escape.

Jang-Yeol proceeds to Sun-Woo’s place, finding him with bloodied hands while disposing of trash. Sun-Woo claims ignorance about the blood, and a search of the trash yields no knife.

Red herrings everywhere

Ye-Bun and Ok-Hui are startled by a knock. It’s Kwang-Shik, who collapses after uttering the word “black.” An ambulance and Jang-Yeol are promptly summoned. On arrival, Jang-Yeol checks Kwang-Shik’s pulse and, finding none, storms off to confront Sun-Woo.

Ye-Bun stops him, reminding him that her psychic touch had already cleared Sun-Woo earlier.

Back at Ye-Bun’s place, paramedics confirm Kwang-Shik’s death, leaving Ae-Ran devastated. She reveals to Jang-Yeol that Kwang-Shik had left to investigate something.

Ye-Bun tends to Jang-Yeol’s wound and shares Kwang-Shik’s last word, leading Jang-Yeol to speculate that Kwang-Shik had identified the killer.

Ye-Bun decides to use her psychic touch on Sun-Woo to learn more about the mysterious “blackouts.” They meet, and Sun-Woo says he’s uncomfortable being suspected. Mi-ran, spotting them, alerts Jang-Yeol, who instructs her to keep watch.

Jang-Yeol, Deok-Hee, and Jong-Mook conducts an experiment to test a theory but found it inconclusive. However, they notice that the killer’s technique is improving, based on the stab wounds on recent victims.

Detective Kang interrogates Sun-Woo but finds no evidence. The Mujin police surmise that if Sun-Woo were the killer, the weapon would still be hidden at his residence.

Sun-Woo invites Ye-Bun to his workshop, where he shows her sanding techniques. Jang-Yeol calls Ye-Bun, expressing his concern and offering to date her if that’s what she needs. She dismisses him and returns to the workshop.

At the police station, Jong-Mook faces disciplinary action but remains committed to solving the murders. He and Deok-Hee enlist Mr. Park to spy on Sun-Woo and locate the weapon.

Jang-Yeol places Ye-Bun in temporary custody for her safety. Meanwhile, Mr. Park searches his home for the murder weapon, catching Sun-Woo’s attention.

A bloody clash

Ye-Bun convinces Detective Kang to release her, revealing her psychic abilities and Kwang-Shik’s last word. She rushes to meet Sun-Woo, who is closely watched by Jang-Yeol and Jong-Mook.

In a tense climax, Ye-Bun discovers a bloody knife in Sun-Woo’s toolbox. A chase ensues, leading to a confrontation with a raincoat-clad figure. Sun-Woo intervenes, and Ye-Bun narrowly escapes.

She finds Sun-Woo stabbed and unmoving. The episode ends as Ye-Bun rushes to Sun-Woo’s aid, leaving viewers wondering if he is dead.

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