Dream Academy girls slay Mission 2 with LE SSERAFIM covers

The music videos are out for The Debut: Dream Academy contestants’ second survival mission, which saw them perform two LE SSERAFIM tracks. The mission saw the 18 remaining contestants once again split into Team A and Team B. Each team had to perform two of LE SSERAFIM’s biggest hits, Fearless and Antifragile.

Global audiences can vote for their favorite contestants on Weverse and TikTok to determine who is fit to debut.

Dream Academy Team A (Fearless): Lexie, Marquise, Mei, Brooklyn, Nayoung

Dream Academy Team A (Fearless): Lexie, Marquise, Mei, Brooklyn, Nayoung

All five girls managed to shine during their performance of the iconic hit track. Their choreography was perfectly coordinated, and in terms of vocal performances, they managed the difficult task of singing and dancing with ease. Each girl got a chance to show her personality in front of the camera. In our opinion, Brooklyn was the standout performer of the group, while Lexie, Nayoung, Marquise and Mei also did excellently. Overall, we felt that this group was especially strong in both vocals and dance.

Dream Academy Team B (Fearless): Daniela, Manon, UA, Ezrela, Celeste

Dream Academy Team B (Fearless): Daniela, Manon, UA, Ezrela, Celeste

We were especially interested in seeing this group of girls perform together, and they definitely lived up to expectations. From vocals to dance, to visuals, everything was top-notch. We were amazed how well Manon and Daniela’s voices blended together, and UA and Ezrela really captured our attention every time they were on camera. We were also surprised by Celeste, who really shone as an all-round performer in this round. This is probably the group to beat, in terms of skill.

Dream Academy Team A (Antifragile): Emily, Yoonchae, Lara, Sophia

Dream Academy Team A (Antifragile): Emily, Yoonchae, Lara, Sophia

We were also looking forward to seeing how this group performed, as it is evenly balanced in terms of singing and dancing. The girls performed the dance moves enthusiastically, with also managing to control their voices well. Emily, Yoonchae, Lara and Sophia gave their hearts and souls to the performance, and we could feel the power and strength in their delivery. We certainly believe this group will go far with their skill, as well as their vocals.

Dream Academy Team B (Antifragile): Iliya, Karlee, Samara, Megan

Dream Academy Team B (Antifragile): Iliya, Karlee, Samara, Megan

From the start, this group definitely had our attention in terms of vocal power, considering how well most of them did in the first round. And we were pleasantly surprised to find out that they were all wonderful dancers as well. All the girls managed to showcase their personalities in front of the camera, while also delivering an excellent performance. Megan proved to be a captivating center during her moments. In terms of vocals, we felt that Samara and Iliya stood out the most. Karlee seemed a little breathless in parts, but more than made up for it with her dancing. While not entirely flawless, this group is nonetheless a strong one.

Overall, we think that this round will be a particularly tough one to call. All the girls have proven that they can perform as part of a team, and are pretty evenly matched in terms of skill and talent. We look forward to the results of this round with bated breath!

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