Did Lisa Delay Crazy Horse Show for Jennie? – Fans wonder

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been breaking barriers as the first K-Pop star to grace the stage at the iconic Crazy Horse Cabaret. While the idea of Lisa performing at such a venue has been polarizing, her fan base has overwhelmingly embraced the shows.

However, a curveball was thrown during her final act. An email from the venue revealed a 30-minute delay, shifting the start time to 9:30 p.m. Fans were initially puzzled but soon pieced together a theory.

Did Lisa Delay Final Crazy Horse Show?

Given Lisa’s high-profile status, the shows have been a magnet for celebrity attendees, including BLACKPINK members Rosé and Jisoo. The buzz escalated when Jennie was seen at Incheon Airport on September 29th. Given the 13.5-hour flight to Paris and the venue’s distance from the airport, fans speculated whether Jennie would make it.

Jennie was seen arriving at the Crazy Horse show in the same clothes she wore when she left Korea.

Their questions were answered when Jennie was spotted at the venue, donning the same attire she wore at the airport. This led fans to surmise that the delay was orchestrated to ensure Jennie’s timely arrival.

So, was the delay a strategic move to accommodate Jennie? While it remains unconfirmed, the fan community is buzzing with speculation. What do you think? Did Lisa Delay the Final Crazy Horse Show so that Jennie would make it for the final show?

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