(G)I-DLE and P1HARMONY set to shine on Jingle Ball Tour

In an electrifying fusion of K-pop talent, the 2023 Jingle Ball Tour is gearing up to be a history-making event as both (G)I-DLE and P1HARMONY join forces to captivate audiences across the United States.

Cube Entertainment first announced (G)I-DLE’s participation on Sept 30, 2023, making them the forst K-pop girl group to perform on the tour. (G)I-DLE is slated to perform in seven major cities, beginning in Los Angeles on Dec 2. Their journey will take them to Chicago on the 4th, Detroit on the 5th, New York on the 8th, Boston on the 10th, Washington DC on the 11th, and Philadelphia on the 12th.


The excitement doesn’t stop there. P1HARMONY, the rising stars of K-pop, will also be shining bright on the Jingle Ball Tour stage. The group will perform in Dallas on Nov 28 and Los Angeles on Dec 1. Their agency FNC Entertainment released a statement saying P1HARMONY’s performance will “promote the status of K-pop”.


(G)I-DLE and P1HARMONY on Jingle Bell Tour

As the buzz continues to build, the anticipation for this dynamic duo’s performances is reaching a fever pitch.

Both (G)I-DLE and P1HARMONY are no strangers to global success. (G)I-DLE is currently on their second world tour I Am Free-ty, which has been setting arenas ablaze across Asia, the Americas, and Europe. And the excitement doesn’t end there; their first English-language EP, Heat, drops on Oct 6 at 9AM KST.

(G)I-DLE performing in Tokyo
(G)I-DLE in Tokyo. – www.instagram/@official_g_i_dle

For P1HARMONY, this opportunity to participate in the Jingle Ball Tour is a significant milestone in their growing career. The group is in the midst of their P1oneer world tour, captivating audiences in 37 cities across the globe.

P1HARMONY performing in Auckland
P1HARMONY in Auckland. – www.twitter.com/@P1H_official

(G)I-DLE will share the stage with Usher, Nicki Minaj, One Republic, Flo Rida, Sabrina Carpenter, and more. Meanwhile, P1HARMONY will perform alongside Olivia Rodrigo, Niall Horan and others.

New milestone for K-pop

The Jingle Ball Tour is about to witness a dazzling showcase of K-pop as (G)I-DLE and P1HARMONY take center stage. Together, (G)I-DLE and P1HARMONY are poised to make their mark on the American music scene and elevate the global status of K-pop. Audiences can expect nothing short of sensational live performances filled with energy, talent, and unforgettable moments.

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