Netizen posts public apology after HYBE sues over BTS V rumors

ARMYs are celebrating over a public apology made by a Korean netizen who was sued by HYBE for spreading false rumors about BTS member V. The apology was posted on a Korean web forum, with a translation of the text making it to X (formerly Twitter).

According to the netizen, in 2022 they watched some ‘cyber wrecker’ videos mocking V, also known as Kim Taehyung. ‘Cyber wreckers’ are Korean YouTube channels that share unsubstantiated gossip about the entertainment industry. The netizen claimed they “thoughtlessly believed the videos to be true”.

The netizen admitted: “After seeing the mocking comments people were leaving, I also left malicious comments and created rumors.” They added that they thought V “was that kind of person”, so they “hated him”.

Netizen posts public apology after HYBE sues over BTS V rumors
The translated statement by the netizen which went viral online.

‘Anxious and sorry’

The netizen claimed to be preparing for their civil service exam. They said they were worried about a criminal record disrupting their future.

They wrote: “HYBE has stated that it has no intention of offering leniency … I asked the detective in charge if I could submit a statement of remorse, but he said I should do so when the case goes to court for trial. However, I am so anxious and sorry that I am writing this anonymously on the board.

“I am truly sorry. I had no idea that V could be hurt by my words that I spoke carelessly without knowing the truth … I’d like to meet you in person and apologize, but since we can’t I’ll leave it here.

“Please forgive me just this once. I am just starting out in society … I’m really sorry.”

HYBE taking action against false rumors

HYBE has stated they would take action against individuals spreading false rumors against BTS members, including V. Last September, the company announced that it would begin initiating legal proceedings against those spreading rumors about BTS members. They claimed to have found “multiple defamation postings” on platforms both in and outside of South Korea.

HYBE also mentioned one specific individual who had been spreading the rumors, and that they would be filing a criminal complaint against them. It is unclear whether the netizen posting the apology for the false rumors is the same person in HYBE’s announcement.

Netizen posts public apology after HYBE sues over BTS V rumors
A Sept 29, 2023 statement by HYBE announcing it would take legal action against false rumors.

Reaction from ARMYs

The image of the netizen’s apology went viral online. ARMYs were pleased by HYBE’s actions to protect V from malicious rumors. Most of them had no sympathy for the netizen, with many saying that they should face the consequences of their actions.

Among the comments found online:

  • “I had no idea that V could be hurt by my words??? Like seriously? What, did they think he’s a robot?”
  • “How pathetic! Big brave keyboard warriors with the most disgusting things but when caught NOW they’re sorry! Too bad, you made his life hell and hurt ARMY hearts with lies.”
  • “Well I hope that same type of policy applies to all the malicious comments Jimin receives, I’m glad HYBE is taking action, these keyboard warriors think they have the right to slander our artists with no consequences just to make themselves feel good.”
  • “Looool life comes at you fast. Now they can’t sleep and want sympathy.”

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