Taehyung’s DICON Special Edition: From BTS to Solo Stardom

BTS’ V, also known as Taehyung, is not just a musical genius but also a fashion icon. He recently adorned the cover of DICON, Dispatch’s magazine, in a special edition that’s got everyone buzzing. Titled VICON Vol.16, this 152-page edition is Taehyung’s first solo photobook. It comes with a series of videos and photos.

Let’s take a closer look at Taehyung’s DICON Special Edition

The Photobook: A Transformational Journey

BTS V Taehyung's DICON Special Edition

The special edition is designed to document Taehyung’s transformative journey from being known as BTS’ V to carving out his own unique identity as ‘Solo’ V. The photobook serves as a visual pilgrimage, capturing his dual essence of modern allure and otherworldly sensuality. Living up to his title as the “Vintage King” of K-pop, Taehyung masterfully blends contemporary style with a touch of nostalgic elegance.

The Teaser Videos: must haVe & must giVe

Two captivating teaser videos were released, each showcasing a different facet of Taehyung’s persona. In must haVe, he radiates royal charisma in a blue suit set against a garden backdrop.

must giVe reveals him in a white ensemble with dramatic side slits, emphasizing his ethereal aura.

In the “must haVe” video, Taehyung dons a blue suit that accentuates his broad shoulders and slender waist, embodying the essence of modern royalty. A crisp white shirt and a vibrant blue tie complete the ensemble, adding a dash of classic flair. His hair is styled, and his makeup is subtly refined, improving his natural good looks.

As he lounges amidst the lush garden backdrop, Taehyung delivers a sense of refined grace and sophistication, solidifying his status as today’s modern prince.

Behind-the-Scenes and Unboxing Films

Besides the magazine, fans can also enjoy the Making Film and Unboxing Film. These videos provide a rare glimpse into the artistic vision that went into creating this special edition. Taehyung didn’t hold back in sharing his personal thoughts on the shoot, even discussing his initial hesitations about the more revealing aspects of his wardrobe.

Options for Every Fan: Edition Variants and How to Secure Yours

The DICON V Special Edition featuring Taehyung isn’t one-size-fits-all; it offers four distinct versions to cater to diverse fan preferences. Each variant is brimming with exclusive extras such as planners, photocards, posters, and stickers. For those looking to add this special edition to their collection, it’s available for pre-order through a variety of retailers, making it a collector’s must-have.

You can secure your copy of Taehyung’s DICON photobook in advance through various vendors, including Kyobobooks, G Market, and KTOWN4U.

Going the Extra Mile with DICON

Not only did DICON produce a special magazine edition, but they also went a step further by creating a dedicated Twitter account exclusively for Taehyung’s campaign. This move elevates their already high standards in the realm of Korean entertainment coverage.

Captivating Fan Reactions

The fan reactions have been very positive, so much so that many describe Taehyung’s visuals as nothing short of surreal. As the era of the ‘Layover’ album comes to a close, fans are eagerly, and quite literally, on the edge of their seats, expecting more such projects with all the BTS members.