Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 15-16

Episode 15

In the gripping Episode 15 of Behind Your Touch from Netflix, Sun-Woo finds himself in a life-or-death struggle against a serial killer shrouded in a raincoat. Sun-Woo desperately tries to fend off his attacker but suffers a fatal stab wound. In his dying moments, he utters mysterious words in Arabic.

Ye-Bun, armed with a shovel, arrives on the scene, searching for Sun-Woo. She discovers his lifeless body and breaks down in tears. Unbeknownst to her, the killer observes her emotional breakdown from a hidden vantage point before making his exit.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 15: Sun-Woo is killed

Shortly after, Jang-Yeol and law enforcement officials arrive at the crime scene. A distraught Ye-Bun confronts Jang-Yeol, slapping him and demanding to know his next course of action. Detective Kang intervenes, escorting Ye-Bun away. Jang-Yeol attempts to reach out and touch her arm, but she forcefully shakes him off.

Meanwhile, the police discover Mr. Park in Sun-Woo’s shed, his face smeared with blood. He claims ignorance, stating that he was attacked from behind and didn’t see the assailant. When informed of Sun-Woo’s death, Mr. Park rushes outside, falls to his knees, and breaks down in tears.

Closing in on the killer

Detective Kang proceeds to interrogate Ye-Bun, questioning her about why Kwang-Shik chose her clinic over a hospital on the day he died. He also shows her footage of her sneaking into Mr. Park’s cell. Ye-Bun responds with vague answers. Jang-Yeol interrupts the interrogation, leading to a physical altercation with Detective Kang. Security personnel intervene, escorting Jang-Yeol out of the room.

In the aftermath, Mr. Park and the local community discuss arrangements for Sun-Woo’s funeral rites. Jang-Yeol receives a one-month work suspension and spends the night ruminating on the day’s tragic events. The next day, Ok-Hui attempts to bring food to Ye-Bun, who remains in bed, ignoring her.

Jang-Yeol steps outside his apartment and finds his police colleagues waiting for him. Thanks to Jong-Mook’s intervention, his suspension is lifted, and he heads to Seoul’s National Forensic Service HQ. Ok-hyun visits Mr. Park, offering financial assistance for Sun-Woo’s funeral. The community also contributes food for the ceremony.

Ok-Hui checks on Ye-Bun again, who still refuses to eat or leave her bed. When Ok-Hui mentions Jang-Yeol, Ye-Bun becomes irate, warning her not to bring him up. Hyun-ok informs Ye-Bun about the funeral rites, triggering her memory that Sun-Woo was missing a shoe when she found him.

In Seoul, Jang-Yeol consults with a forensic scientist about Sun-Woo’s case. He learns that Sun-Woo had a locked cellphone on him, which is useless without a passcode. Detective Kang berates Jang-Yeol for meddling in the investigation again.

The serial killer revealed!

Outside the forensic building, Jang-Yeol pieces together the killer’s modus operandi involving induced blackouts, likely through tinted eyewear. This revelation aligns with what Kwang-Shik was trying to communicate before his death. Ye-Bun had missed this detail because she hadn’t looked closely enough.

Ye-Bun purchases shoes for Sun-Woo’s funeral rites and encounters Jang-Yeol on her way home. Despite his revelations, she dismisses him, telling him to consider her a stranger henceforth. She then heads to Mr. Park’s residence, where she discovers, through her psychic touch, that he is the killer. Mr. Park confirms her suspicions, revealing that he killed Sun-Woo because he had discovered his secret.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 15: Mr. Park is revealed to be the serial killer.

Mr. Park further explains that he had no intention of killing Ye-Bun or her grandfather and that she can’t prove his guilt. The next day, Ok-Hui keeps a watchful eye on Ye-Bun from a rooftop. Jang-Yeol finds her and learns she’s concerned for Ye-Bun’s well-being.

Ye-Bun reopens her clinic, and Jang-Yeol expresses his concern for her. She rebuffs him, accusing him of ulterior motives. Mr. Park arrives, making eye contact with both, sensing their discord. He leaves, and Jang-Yeol reiterates the need to catch the killer, but Ye-Bun dismisses him again.

Sun-Woo’s dying message

Later, Mr. Park visits Ye-Bun’s clinic, claiming he’s there to inform her that he gave Sun-Woo’s sneakers to her. She knows he’s there to keep tabs on her. Jong-Mook feigns drunkenness to distract Detective Kang, allowing Jang-Yeol to sneak into his office and retrieve Sun-Woo’s phone.

Ye-Bun recalls Sun-Woo’s last Arabic words, realizing they signify her birthdate. She passes this information to Jang-Yeol as the phone’s passcode. Detective Kang arrests Mr. Park, revealing that Sun-Woo had recorded his own murder. Mr. Park smiles at Jang-Yeol as he’s led away, setting the stage for a high-stakes confrontation.

The eyes of a killer

In a chilling revelation, Mr. Park discloses to Jang-Yeol the origin of his psychic abilities. He recounts an eerie incident where he tumbled down a hill and landed in Kwang-shik’s barn just as a meteor shower was occurring. A cow in the barn locked eyes with him at the exact moment a meteor struck, bestowing upon him his supernatural gift.

Mr. Park also confesses to a dark history of violence, admitting that he took the life of his unfaithful wife. While he claims that betrayal is a recurring theme in his murders, he ultimately concedes that the real motivation is far more sinister: he derives a perverse pleasure from experiencing his victims’ final moments. He issues a grim ultimatum to Jang-Yeol, stating that if he isn’t set free, another life will be lost.

Behind Your Touch K-drama Review Episode 15: Mr. Park reveals his motive to Jang-Yeol

Meanwhile, a frantic Jong-Mook bursts into Ye-bun’s residence, searching for Hyun-Ok. Although Hyun-Ok is safe, they discover that Ok-Hui is missing, sending waves of fear through them. Ye-Bun storms into the interrogation room where Mr. Park is being held, demanding to know Ok-Hui’s whereabouts. Utilizing her unique ability to access memories through touch, she finds out that Mr. Park has indeed kidnapped Ok-Hui and taken her to an undisclosed location. However, Mr. Park had cunningly closed his eyes during the crucial moment, leaving Ye-Bun in the dark about Ok-Hui’s exact location.

Mr. Park then reveals that he had anticipated being caught, thanks to a clue Sun-Woo had left for Ye-Bun in Arabic. As a contingency, he had orchestrated one final, diabolical act—a murder that would be executed if he were apprehended. He warns them that time is of the essence in locating Ok-Hui, adding another layer of urgency to an already tense situation.

Episode 16 – Finale

In the exciting Episode 16 of Behind Your Touch, the tension escalates as Ye-Bun forces Mr. Park into Jang-Yeol’s car, desperate to find the kidnapped Ok-Hui. Despite the police’s initial resistance, they relent, allowing Ye-Bun to lead the way. Mr. Park guides them to a location but stalls for time until Mr. Baek and his henchmen arrive, capturing both Ye-Bun and Jang-Yeol.

They find themselves in an abandoned warehouse, where Jang-Yeol is brutally beaten. Ye-Bun, her hands bound by cable ties, accesses Jang-Yeol’s memories to learn how to break free. Meanwhile, Mr. Baek and Mr. Park discuss escape plans and the cost of smuggling Mr. Park to China. Mr. Park also reveals Ye-Bun’s unique abilities.

As Jang-Yeol is dragged away, Ye-Bun incapacitates one of the men with a syringe, using his memories to locate Jang-Yeol. She finds him on an operating table and subdues the would-be surgeon with a metal pipe. Together, they overpower Mr. Baek and his crew, leading to Mr. Baek’s surrender.

The fate of Ok-Hui

Ye-Bun contacts Jong-Mook to relay Ok-Hui’s possible location. A group of motorcyclists, led by Da-eun, assist the police in reaching the site. Using auditory clues from Mr. Park’s memories, they locate a hidden cellar where Ok-Hui is found, barely responsive but alive.

With Ok-Hui safe, the focus shifts back to capturing Mr. Park. They track him down to a fishing port, where Ye-Bun uses her psychic touch on local children to determine his hiding spot. A high-stakes chase ensues, culminating in a tense standoff on a boat. Jang-Yeol manages to subdue Mr. Park, claiming his “superpower” is his ability to apprehend criminals.

In the aftermath, life begins to normalize. Jong-Mook proposes a wedding trip to Hyun-Ok, while Mi-Ran humorously suggests her husband needs neutering. Jang-Yeol prepares to return to Seoul, sharing a poignant moment with Ye-Bun at the bus station. They discuss tentative plans for the future, leaving their relationship open-ended.

The grand finale

Eight months later, Ye-Bun gains fame as an animal communicator. While driving home with Ok-Hui, she spots Jang-Yeol outside the Seoul police station. She approaches him, flirtatiously inviting him to dinner. Although Jang-Yeol is initially hesitant due to his busy caseload, he eventually agrees to let her assist him.

In a surprising twist, Ye-Bun finds herself in a women’s prison, posing as an inmate to touch a suspect. Just as she’s about to be attacked for her unusual behaviour, Jang-Yeol, disguised as a prison guard, intervenes. As the episode comes to an end, the couple exits the prison, humorously pursued by angry inmates, leaving viewers with a hint of a shared future ahead.

This episode delivers a thrilling finale, tying up loose ends while leaving the door open for future developments. It expertly blends suspense, action, and emotion, resulting in a satisfying yet open-ended conclusion.

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