Kim So-Hyun Debunks Dating Rumors with Hwang Min-Hyun

Kim So-Hyun recently dispelled dating rumours involving her and former NU’EST member Hwang Min-Hyun. The speculation ignited due to their undeniable on-screen chemistry in the drama My Lovely Liar. Director Nam Sung-Woo further fueled the rumours by posting an Instagram video of their on-screen kiss.

In an exclusive interview with Sports Chosun, Kim So-Hyun confirmed that her relationship with Hwang Min-Hyun is strictly professional. She elaborated, “The director showcased our kiss to highlight our on-screen chemistry, not to imply a real-life romance.”

Kim So-Hyun also spoke highly of her co-star, describing their collaborative experience on set. “Working with Min-Hyun was a delightful experience. Initially reserved, he revealed a humorous side as we grew closer during filming,” she said.

The actress expressed her gratitude for the positive reception their on-screen pairing has garnered. “I was pleasantly surprised by the buzz our chemistry created even before the drama aired. In romantic comedies, such chemistry is crucial, and I’m relieved ours has been well-received,” she added.

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