Tzuyang’s New Look & The Lucrative World of K-Celeb YouTubers

South Korean YouTuber Tzuyang, a household name in the mukbang community. She recently unveiled a stunning new look that has left fans and fellow celebrities alike in awe. Known for her mukbang videos where she devours copious amounts of food while offering insightful reviews, Tzuyang has been a YouTube sensation since launching her channel in 2017. With over 8 million subscribers, her content enjoys global appeal, captivating both Korean and international audiences.

Tzuyang’s Stunning Makeover & Her YouTube Journey

South Korean Youtuber Tzuyang's New Look 1

Tzuyang’s channel isn’t just about food; she also delves into travel vlogs, cooking tutorials, and challenge videos. Her charismatic presence has also made her a sought-after guest on Korean variety shows.

On a recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, host Kim Gura noticed Tzuyang’s transformed aura and complimented her appearance. When asked if she had lost weight, Tzuyang clarified that while her weight remained the same, she had shed some baby fat.

South Korean Youtuber Tzuyang's New Look 2

The mukbang star also revealed a shift in her eating habits. Although Tzuyang still enjoys trying new foods, she admitted that she can’t consume as much as she used to. Gone are the days of breaking records by eating 20 packs of ramen or 100 cheese balls. Tzuyang attributes this change to her late twenties, suggesting that age might be a factor.

Tzuyang is a South Korean Mukbang YouTuber

The Financial Windfall in Korean YouTube Stardom

In other news, Korean YouTubers are seeing their financial prospects soar. According to ‘OSEN,’ channels with significant viewership can earn between 10 to 100 million won for featuring film and TV stars. This trend is upending traditional promotional avenues, where TV shows would pay for celebrity appearances.

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