Han Ji-Min Reflects on Behind Your Touch Series Finale

Actress Han Ji-Min recently shared her heartfelt thoughts on the conclusion of JTBC’s hit series, Behind Your Touch. The show, which has captivated audiences with its blend of comedy and thriller elements, features Han Ji-Min as Bong Ye-Bun, a veterinarian with a unique psychometric ability.

She uses her powers to solve crimes alongside elite detective Moon Jang-Yeol, played by Lee Min-Ki.

Han JI-Min plays Psychic Vet Bong Ye-Bun in Behind Your Touch

– SPOILER WARNING – The following interview contains spoilers for the ending of Behind Your Touch

Q: How do you feel now that Behind Your Touch has concluded?

The anticipation for each episode of Behind Your Touch was palpable among viewers. I was initially anxious about how the audience would react to the show’s unique blend of comedy and thriller. However, the positive feedback and curiosity about the unfolding mystery exceeded my expectations. I’m grateful for the audience’s engagement, and I feel a sense of loss now that the show has ended.

Q: Can you share your thoughts on portraying a character with psychometric abilities?

The idea of having superpowers is inherently exciting, isn’t it? I began the role with that sense of wonder. The script portrayed Ye-Bun’s reactions to her newfound abilities in a realistic manner, which made it easier for me to embody the character. It made me ponder whether I’d have the bravery to use such powers for the greater good, just like Ye-Bun does. Playing this role has been a fulfilling experience for me.

Guess the killer

Q: When did you learn about the identity of the serial killer, and how did it impact your performance?

The director disclosed the identity of the killer to me at the onset of filming. Keeping that secret was a bit of a challenge! The suspense on set was palpable; even Suho speculated he might be the culprit and tried to get me to spill the beans—which, of course, I couldn’t. When I was told that the shaman, played by Park Hyuk-Kwon, was the killer, I was amazed by his performance. The director’s skill in bringing all these elements together was truly impressive.

Q: This is your third collaboration with director Kim Seok-Yoon. How has your working relationship evolved?

Our mutual understanding has deepened over time, streamlining our communication about the script, direction, and character development. For instance, when the director said, “That was cute,” both of us knew exactly what to adjust in the scene. This mutual understanding saved us a lot of time on set. I’ve come to trust the director implicitly, which allows me to focus solely on my performance.

Final words

Q: Any final words for your character, Bong Ye-Bun?

Ye-Bun, you’re a character filled with warmth and occasional recklessness, which makes you endearing. I’m thankful for the joy you’ve brought into my life. I’ve often pondered how you would live your life, and I hope you’ll use your powers to take good care of yourself. Wishing you happiness, Ye-Bun.

Q: Lastly, a message for the viewers?

I want to express my gratitude to the audience for their active engagement in solving the show’s mysteries. While the series had its thrilling moments, I hope you’ll also cherish the laughter and warmth brought by the characters. Your support has brought me immense joy as an actor. Thank you.

That concludes Han Ji-Min’s interview with her thoughts on Behind Your Touch which can be streamed on Netflix

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