Jungmin Departs NCT New Team Due to Health Reasons

In a surprising turn of events, Jungmin has withdrawn from NCT New Team, the latest sub-unit of the renowned K-pop group. This announcement comes just days ahead of the group’s eagerly awaited pre-debut tour. SM Entertainment, the agency behind NCT, confirmed Jungmin’s departure, citing health concerns as the primary reason.

Jungmin, initially one of the key members of the new unit, has chosen to prioritize his well-being. He will revert to trainee status within SM Entertainment and undergo medical treatment. The agency is considering his future placement in another group, but only after he has fully recovered.

SM Entertainment expressed their gratitude to the fans who have been eagerly awaiting the debut of NCT New Team. The agency stated, “Jungmin has recently paused all practice sessions and other activities to focus on his health treatment. After extensive discussions with Jungmin, his family, and medical professionals, we’ve decided that he will not be part of NCT New Team and will concentrate solely on his recovery.”

NCT New Team to carry on with 6 members

Following Jungmin’s exit, NCT New Team will proceed as a six-member unit. The group, which was initially formed through the reality show NCT Universe: LASTART … Will now feature Sion, Yushi, Riku, Sakuya, Daeyoung, and Ryo. The agency urged fans to continue their warm support for the remaining members as they prepare for their pre-debut tour, set to kick off on Oct 8, 2023.

SM Entertainment concluded by asking for fans’ understanding and support, promising that Jungmin will return to the stage in good health. The official name of the new NCT subunit is still under wraps.

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