Ryan Reynolds’ Birthday Tribute to Bang Chan Goes Viral

STRAY KIDS’ Bang Chan celebrates his 26th birthday on Oct 3, 2023, and the global community is joining in the festivities. Guess who else is part of the celebration? None other than Hollywood A-lister and certified STAY, Ryan Reynolds!

The Iconic Friendship: Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds

The camaraderie between Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds is legendary. It all began with Reynolds’ admiration for STRAY KIDS’ Deadpool-inspired performance on dance show Kingdom: Legendary War in 2021. This sparked what can only be described as one of the most iconic friendships of our era.

A significant part of this bond is showcased through Reynolds’ own production and digital marketing agency, Maximum Effort, which humorously lists its location as “Stayville” on its X (formerly Twitter) account.

Maximum Effort’s Masterful Birthday Edit

Continuing the tradition from last year, Maximum Effort once again delivered a birthday masterpiece for Bang Chan. This year’s edit featured a scene from Reynolds’ movie Woman in Gold, where he is seen earnestly searching for TWICE’s Like OOH-AHH, with a zoom-in on Bang Chan. Another clip of Bang Chan on Idol Radio followed, featuring the caption: “Happy Birthday Bang Chan!”

The STAY Seal of Approval

The STAY fandom instantly loved the edit, praising its clever and amusing clip. Reynolds’ witty pun: “You only turn 26 once. Or is it Twice? Happy Birthday, Bang Chan! #TwentySixHugsForBangChan,” also received high marks, as did the hashtag itself.

Fans wondered how the editor managed to dig up those specific clips of Bang Chan, sparking speculation that the editor must be a dedicated STAY.

This enduring friendship between Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds is something we all adore and hope will stand the test of time.

HallyuBeat extends our heartfelt birthday wishes to Bang Chan, wishing him a spectacular 26th year!

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