Dispatch Reveals Seungri’s Two-timing Scandal

Former Big Bang star Seungri is back in the headlines, this time for a romantic entanglement involving two women, as revealed by Dispatch on Oct 4. The report indicates that Seungri vacationed in Bali with both women, initially with Miss A, before switching gears to spend time with Miss B.

While Seungri was in a relationship with Ms. A, he rekindled an old flame with Ms. B.

Busted by Instagram

Seungri meticulously orchestrated the Bali vacations, ensuring that Miss A’s departure would precede Miss B’s arrival, thereby avoiding any chance encounters between the two. However, he overlooked a crucial detail … Both women had identical travel plans, from their beachside lodgings to their dining spots. This similarity tipped off Miss B, leading her to confront Seungri. What slipped Seungri’s mind was that Miss A and Miss B were already connected, following each other on Instagram.

A photograph of a shamed Seungri, taken by Miss B, was later sent to Miss A and was shared by Dispatch.

Dispatch Reveals Seungri's Two-timing Scandal

Seungri, who exited the entertainment scene in 2019 amid a slew of allegations, has been a magnet for controversy since his prison release in February 2021.

His recent escapades, including attending the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix and frequenting nightclubs, have kept him in the public eye, often for the wrong reasons.

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Netizens react with disdain

Public reaction to the scandal bombshell by Dispatch was swift and largely negative, with many netizens voicing their disdain. Additionally, there was a sense of astonishment that women would still consider dating Seungri, given his involvement in a scandal that had captured national attention.

  • “Wow… Don’t they find him disgusting, though? How can they even date him? I guess it’s because he’s rich.”
  • “This is hilarious, LOL. I guess he doesn’t have any issues dating women.”
  • “He is doing the most.”
  • “I’m most surprised that women would date him.”
  • “But aren’t they scared that Seungri might take private photos of them? They are so brave.”
  • “I’m not even surprised, LOL. This is hilarious, LOL.”
  • “How ‘fantastic’.”
  • “He’s a pimp that views women as tools he can use for his business. Why would you even expect him to be faithful? LOL.”
  • “He’s living his best life despite his crimes because he made a lot of money.”
  • “I can’t believe that they are able to date a sex offender.”
  • “They accept the fact that he is a sex offender but draw the line at cheating?

This latest scandal not only puts Seungri back in the spotlight but also raises serious questions about his behaviour and ethical standing post-incarceration. His life after prison seems to be a continuous series of controversies, inviting further scrutiny into his character and past actions.

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