Dream Academy girls greet fans in emotional first fan meeting

In an unforgettable and emotional fan-meeting event, the participants of HYBE’s girl group debut project The Debut: Dream Academy finally had the chance to connect with their devoted supporters. The highly-anticipated Break Time fan meet-and-greet took place at Ilji Art Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, on Oct 4, 2023.

For the 16 participants, this marked their first in-person encounter with fans, which turned out to be a heartwarming experience. News reports of the event revealed that fans came from various countries. Their love and enthusiasm echoed through the venue as they cheered and shouted, expressing their adoration in Korean.

The participants kicked off the fan meeting with performances of LE SSERAFIM songs Fearless and Antifragile. Both songs were part of their recent second mission. Each performer left a distinct impression with their unique dance moves and stage presence.

Dream Academy girls greet fans in emotional first fan meeting
A screenshot compilation of the girls’ performances during the fan meeting.

Dream Academy girls tell their stories

During the fan meeting, participants engaged in a lively Q&A session with their dedicated fans. They shared their personal journeys into music, discussed their dreams, and talked about the challenges they faced on the path to their debut. Among the revelations:

  • Ezrela (Australia, 20), was inspired by Bollywood, and expressed her desire to infuse the unique sounds of Indian music into K-pop when she debuts.
  • Lexi (Sweden, 19), is inspired by ITZY, TWICE, STRAY KIDS, and NEWJEANS. She shared her admiration for these artists, who played a pivotal role in her musical journey.
  • Nayoung (Korea, 21) fondly looked back on the time spent with her fellow participants, and enjoyed performing together with them.
  • Illya (Belarus, 21) aspired to become a singer who sends messages to the world, aiming to become a multifaceted artist who excels in various ways.

An emotional farewell

Fans also delivered heartfelt letters to the girls, who in return prepared handwritten letters in Korean. The fans also expressed their hopes for their safety and success during their journey in Korea. One fan offered words of encouragement to Megan (USA, 17), saying her skills were “professional-level”. This heartfelt gesture moved Megan to tears.

The Dream Academy fan meeting concluded with the girls taking commemorative photos with their dedicated supporters. They will next prepare to face their Mission 2 results. The results will be announced on Oct 9 at 12AM KST, and their third mission will be revealed on Oct 21.

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