New Doona! trailer sets stage for a love story beyond the stars

Ordinary university student Lee Won-Jun’s life takes a delightful turn when he moves into a shared house occupied by retired K-pop idol Doona. Ahead of Doona!’s premiere on Oct 20, 2023, the trailer drops hints of a heart-fluttering romance between a former idol and a college student. 

Check out the new trailer below:

A blossoming romance

Suzy, a former K-pop idol and member of MISS A, is a near-perfect embodiment of Doona. Paired with Yang Se-Jong’s portrayal of the innocent-hearted university student Won-Jun, the series promises a heart-fluttering romance.

Director Lee Jung-Hyo, recognized for his masterful direction in hits like Crash Landing on You and Romance Is a Bonus Book, emphasises the essence of the series, saying: “The webtoon realistically depicts the awkwardness in relationships. I want Doona! to be a series where viewers can fondly reminisce about their clumsy days in their 20s.”

Suzy’s enchanting portrayal

Suzy and Yang Se-Jong in Doona
Suzy (left) and Yang Se-Jong in ‘Doona!’. – Netflix

Besides being a former idol herself, Suzy also closely resembles the character from the popular webtoon. As Director Lee says: “Who else could play the role of Doona if not Suzy?” 

Describing her character, Suzy says: “Doona is straightforward and blunt, but she also carries many scars within. She may seem like a cat with sharp claws, but in reality, she is like a ‘dog-cat’ who likes people.” 

Mysteries surrounding Doona

Despite being a central character, the reasons behind Doona’s retirement from her stellar idol career remain shrouded in mystery. Hints from the trailer suggest a turbulent past, with glimpses of emotional breakdowns and unanswered questions.

Promising a heartwarming exploration of love, identity, and youth, Doona! is set to debut on Oct 20,exclusively on Netflix! 

Key art for Doona!

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