NEWJEANS’ GODS MV filled with League of Legends cameos

Riot Games and NEWJEANS have dropped the anthem GODS, specially created for the League of Legends World Championship. This music video takes fans on a captivating journey, chronicling the rise of Korean pro player Kim “Deft” Hyuk-Kyu. The music video shows how he discovered the E-sport game in high school, and his rise to one of its most successful players.

NEWJEANS' GODS MV filled with League of Legends cameos
‘GODS’ cameos … (left) Faker, Meiko, Doran, (centre) Deft, (right) Showmaker, Pawn, and Canyon.

The video also serves as a tribute to Deft’s indomitable spirit and his team’s rise to 2022 World Champions. The music video boasts cameos from renowned League of Legends players, including Faker, Pawn, Canyon, Showmaker, Meiko, and Rekkles.

It shows Deft engaging in tense battles with his opponents, before reaching his lowest point. Fortunately, he finds strength alongside his DRX teammates Zeka, BeryL, Pyosik and Kingen. With their help, he becomes a World Champion.

NEWJEANS' GODS MV filled with League of Legends cameos
Deft being helped by his DRX teammates on their way to the finals.

GODS is now available on various streaming platforms and YouTube, complete with its captivating music video. The song sets the stage for epic clashes and memorable moments. Check out the music video for GODS by NEWJEANS below:

NEWJEANS to perform GODS at 2023 Worlds finale

Riot Games has also announced NEWJEANS will perform at the finale of the 2023 League of Legends E-sports season. NEWJEANS expressed their enthusiasm about this unique collaboration, exploring a new genre and sound.

A statement by the group read: “It was fun to try a new genre and sound. Through this collaboration, we are happy to present a song that incorporates both NEWJEANS’ and League of Legends’ unique colors. We hope it brings you a new sense of empowerment!”

League of Legends finale in South Korea

The Worlds Qualifying Series kicks off on Oct 10 KST, featuring a showdown between Team BDS and Golden Guardians. As the play-in stage and main event unfold, expect an electrifying mix of competitive gaming and music.

The grand finale is scheduled for Nov 19 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. It promises a legendary showdown that fans around the world are eagerly anticipating. Join us for the action-packed journey set by NEWJEANS’ GODS anthem at this year’s League of Legends World Championship!

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