Spectrum’s Hwarang Charged with Filming Woman’s Naked Body

Spectrum’s Hwarang, whose real name is Park Jong-Chan, is currently embroiled in a legal battle for violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Sexual Crimes. The 27-year-old singer Hwarang is being charged with filming a woman without her consent. The victim, who was identified only as ‘A,’ was filming while she was in a vulnerable state.

Caught in the act

Reports indicate that Hwarang and ‘A’ first connected on social media and met in person on July 30, 2023. Following their meeting in Seoul, both proceeded to Hwarang’s residence, where ‘A’ reportedly became intoxicated and fell asleep. ‘A’ alleges that she woke up naked to the glaring light of a camera and the sound of video recording. Despite her protests, Hwarang proceeded to film her in a state of undress.

The victim, ‘A,’ has since expressed that she experiences severe anxiety at the sight of camera lights and has pressed charges due to the exacerbation of her anxiety symptoms. Attempts to reach Hwarang for his side of the story have been futile. He changed his contact number and responded to ‘A’ via social media … Warning her that he would report her for stalking.

Career in tatters

In the wake of these allegations, Hwarang has faced immediate professional repercussions. Editors have cut his scenes from a recently released web drama, and they’ve set promotional videos featuring him to private. Additionally, he has set his social media accounts to private, and his label is not responding to questions about the charges.

The incident serves as a grim reminder of the ongoing issues related to sexual crimes and consent, casting a shadow not only on Hwarang’s career but also raising questions about the broader entertainment industry’s handling of such matters.

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What are your thoughts on Hwarang being charged with filming a woman without her consent?

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