Bae Doona considers lead role in thriller K-drama Family Plan

Renowned actress Bae Doona is in the spotlight as she contemplates a role in upcoming thriller K-drama Family Plan. News reports recently unveiled that discussions are underway regarding her involvement in the project. Bae Doona’s agency, Goodman Story, confirmed that she is currently considering the offer to star in Family Plan. However, there is no official decision about the role.

Family Plan has a unique sci-fi plot, which revolves around brain-hacking. An early plot synopsis reveals that the method is used on criminals, making them experience the same pain as their victims. This intriguing premise promises to add a captivating layer to the storyline.

Actors Ryu Seung-Bum and Baek Yoon-Shik were also reportedly in talks to join the cast. Bae Doona’s possible inclusion has ignited anticipation among fans eager to see this ensemble bring the captivating thriller to life.

Bae Doona, a versatile actress

Bae Doona considers lead role in thriller K-drama Family Plan
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Bae Doona’s international acclaim stems from her remarkable performances in a variety of roles. She first came to attention among Korean audiences for roles in films like Park Chan-Wook’s Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Bong Joon Ho’s blockbuster The Host. She has also taken on English-speaking roles in films like Cloud Atlas, and the Netflix series Sense8.

More recently, she has taken on roles in hit K-dramas like the period zombie series Kingdom, and the courtroom thriller Stranger. Her diverse talents and captivating portrayals have earned her accolades both in South Korea and on the global stage.

As fans await further developments in her potential role in the K-drama Family Plan, Bae Doona’s reputation as a versatile and accomplished actress continues to shine brightly. Stay tuned for updates on this thrilling drama.

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