Meet SPINE9, the Band from hit K-Drama Twinkling Watermelon

If you’ve been tuning into the hit K-Drama Twinkling Watermelon, you’ve likely found yourself in love with SPINE9, a fictional band that’s become a sensation in its own right. The show, a compelling blend of romance, relationships, time travel, and of course, music, revolves around Eun-Gyeol, a young music prodigy portrayed by Ryeo-Un.

Eun-Gyeol faces a unique dilemma; he’s a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) who fears disappointing his parents by pursuing music over a medical career. Yet, he can’t shake off his passion for music. His life takes a turn when he joins the indie sensation, SPINE9, catapulting him into a new realm of possibilities.

Meet the SPINE9 band members from Twinkling Watermelon

Koo Jun-Hyung (iKON’s Ju-ne)

Meet the SPINE9 band members from Twinkling Watermelon: Koo Jun-Hyung (iKON's Ju-ne)

As SPINE9’s charismatic lead vocalist, Koo Jun-Hyung was initially dubious of Eun-Gyeol’s musical prowess. However, a chance encounter during a busking session changed his mind. The role is brought to life by iKON‘s Ju-ne, who also lends his voice to the show’s OST with the track Higher.

Jung Ji-Oh (Yeon-Oh)

Meet the SPINE9 band members from Twinkling Watermelon: Jung Ji-Oh (Yeon-Oh)

Jung Ji-Oh, the band’s empathetic bassist, is portrayed by Yeon-Oh. You might recognize him from other K-Dramas like The Secret Romantic Guesthouse and Alchemy Of Souls.

Bae Soo-Tak (Han-Min)

Meet the SPINE9 band members from Twinkling Watermelon: Bae Soo-Tak (Han-Min)

Meet the band’s fiery drummer, Bae Soo-Tak, played by Han-Min. He is a familiar face from K-Dramas like Joseon Attorney: A Morality and Arthdal Chronicles.

Ha Eun-Gyeol (Ryeo-Un)

Twinkling Watermelon’s central character, Ha Eun-Gyeol, serves as SPINE9’s sub-vocalist and guitarist. To protect his identity, he performs incognito but steps into the limelight when Jun-Hyung falls ill. Ryeo-Un, who has previously starred in The Secret Romantic Guesthouse, plays this multifaceted role.

Global audiences have already fallen head over heels for SPINE9’s irresistible charm and music. However, with Eun-Gyeol’s time-travelling escapades, the band’s future hangs in the balance. We’re all eagerly awaiting SPINE9’s next move and, of course, some new tunes to put on our playlists.

Twinkling Watermelon is a 16-episode K-drama that airs on tvN every Monday and Tuesday from now to Nov 14.

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