NEWJEANS’ Minji Mesmerizes Fans with I Love You 3000 Cover

NEWJEANS’ Minji has recently graced fans with a captivating cover of Stephanie Poetri’s viral hit, I Love You 3000. Uploaded on the group’s official YouTube channel, the video has already garnered a remarkable 100,000 views within a short period. But what makes this cover truly special? Let’s delve into the details.

The Backstory: More Than Just a Cover

Before diving into her performance, Minji shared some fascinating background information. This cover is her first musical project since the Bunnies Camp fan meet. Interestingly, ADOR CEO Min Hee-Jin personally recommended the song, adding another layer of significance to Minji’s rendition.

The Original Song’s Impact

I Love You 3000 by Stephanie Poetri is not just another pop song; it’s a cultural phenomenon. The song has amassed millions of views and covers, resonating with fans worldwide. Minji’s choice to cover this particular song speaks volumes about its impact.

A Unique Interpretation

Minji was fully aware of the numerous covers that exist for this iconic song. However, she aimed to offer something different. She highlighted how the song’s heartfelt lyrics deeply resonated with her, setting the stage for a unique interpretation.

What ensued was a sublime rendition of I Love You 3000, where Minji skillfully balanced staying true to the original while adding her own creative twist.

A Continuing Trend: NEWJEANS Members Going Solo

Minji joins the ranks of other NEWJEANS members like Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein, who have also ventured into solo cover performances. For more comprehensive coverage of these individual performances, click on the links below.

Fan Opinions

YouTube reviewers were quick to share their impressions of Minji’s rendition.

Adrey praised Minji’s distinctive vocal style, highlighting her creative take on the classic track. Meanwhile, Sebastine described her performance as both “bold” and “captivating” on his channel.

One fan noted, “Minji’s version does more than just honour the original; it also accentuates her unique vocal talents, distinguishing her from other K-pop artists.”

What’s Next for Minji and NEWJEANS?

With this cover, Minji has not only honoured a fan-favourite song but also hinted at the future musical direction for both herself and NEWJEANS. This leaves fans eagerly anticipating what’s next.

Minji’s cover of I Love You 3000 is more than just another rendition; it’s a statement. It speaks to her artistic choices, the influence of company executives like Min Hee-Jin, and what fans can expect in the future. As we await more from Minji and NEWJEANS, this cover sets a high bar.

Minji I Love You 3000 cover

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