NEWJEANS’ Hanni’s Cute Reaction to Birthday Surprise Captivates Fans

NewJeans’ Hanni celebrated her 19th birthday in a rather unique fashion on October 6, 2023. Despite being overseas for professional commitments, her fellow members ensured that the day was anything but ordinary.

As the group disembarked from their van, poised to greet the swarm of awaiting journalists, member Haerin seemed preoccupied with her smartphone. Hanni, ever the professional, appeared anxious, not wanting to keep the media waiting. Her confusion escalated when she noticed that the other members were also engrossed in their phones during what was supposed to be a crucial media moment.

The mystery was revealed when Hanni glanced at Haerin’s phone screen. A meticulously orchestrated surprise was in play. Each member’s phone displayed a part of a birthday message through LED screens.

Haerin’s phone flashed the word “today,” Minji’s showcased arrows pointing towards Hanni, Hyein’s screen displayed “Pham Pham Pham,” and Danielle’s completed the sentence with “birthday.” When pieced together, the message read, “It’s Pham Pham Pham’s birthday today!”

The initial concern on Hanni’s face transformed into a heartwarming expression of gratitude and surprise. Her fellow members beamed, clearly pleased with the successful execution of their covert operation.

Netizens and fans alike were utterly charmed by Hanni’s genuine and adorable reaction to the surprise. The event not only served as a testament to the close-knit bond among the NewJeans members but also provided a delightful moment that captivated the hearts of fans globally.

  • Why did she dress so cutely?
  • Ah, really so cute.
  • Ha… Crazy. So cute.
  • She’s insanely cute as she sobs with that horned hat.
  • SO CUTE!!!!
  • Ah, so cute I’m dying.
  • Ah, in the last pic, Hanni’s expression is so so so lovely, but it’s so funny how Minji is just throwing up a thumbs up so coolly.
  • Wow, this is so cute.
  • Seriously cute.

This public display of affection among the NewJeans members has set a new standard for how idols can celebrate special occasions, even when work commitments take them far from home. Happy Birthday, Hanni!

Watch the video here:

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