STRAY KIDS’ announce Nov 10 Rock Star mini-album comeback

STRAY KIDS are back! After a five-month break, the K-pop sensation will make their highly-anticipated comeback. JYP Entertainment revealed that STRAY KIDS will release a new mini-album Rock Star in November. Fans have eagerly awaited this energetic return.

The excitement kicked off on Oct 6 with the surprise release of a 90-second video prologue for Rock Star. The teaser offers a glimpse into the concept for the upcoming album. Members Felix and Bang Chan are heard in voice over, providing narration to accompany the visuals.

STRAY KIDS' announce Nov 10 Rock Star mini-album comeback
Screenshots from the prologue video teaser.

The video shows two different storylines. The first is a child waiting to go onstage with his classmates for a school performance. The second part shows STRAY KIDS in the midst of a bank robbery, and later as pirates on a ship. Felix describes the child’s story, and Bang Chan relates the emotions behind the group’s actions. His lines include: “I get so angry when things don’t go my way, what should I do?”

When the children walk onstage, both boys finally speak together: “Let’s show them how we rock!” The video’s hip-hop beats are taken over by vibrant guitar riffs and pulsating drum beats. This left fans intrigued by the sudden change in music genre, after the heavy hip-hip vibe of STRAY KIDS’ previous album 5-STAR.

Rock Star drops on Nov 10, 2023 at 2PM KST, with pre-order sales starting at 1PM KST today. Check out the prologue video teaser for STRAY KIDS’ Rock Star below:

Stray Kids named TIME’s 2023 Next Generation Leaders

On Oct 5, TIME Magazine unveiled its 2023 list of Next Generation Leaders, honoring ten visionary trailblazers shaping the future across diverse fields. STRAY KIDS made the list due to their global influence and profound impact on the music industry. They are the second K-pop group to make the list this year, following NEWJEANS’ inclusion this May.

TIME Magazine lauds STRAY KIDS for their extraordinary journey, emphasizing their knack for “finding global success by embracing a new sound.” This approach, characterized by straying from conventions, has proven to be a winning formula for international acclaim. STRAY KIDS’ 2023 achievements include earning the top spot on the Billboard 200 with Oddinary and winning the Best K-Pop award at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards in September.

TIME praised Stray Kids for their unique approach, incorporating grungier headbanging anthems with elements of rock, EDM, and industrial music. TIME wrote that “instead of shifting gears to pander to expectations for Korean boy groups, STRAY KIDS embraced their distinct sound”.

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