World Smile Day 2023: 10 K-pop Idols with the best smiles

World Smile Day, celebrated every first Friday of October, is a day dedicated to spreading joy and kindness through the simple act of smiling. This year, on Oct 6, 2023, we’ve compiled a list of K-pop idols whose smiles not only light up stages but also the hearts of their fans. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. V aka Kim Taehyung (BTS)

V from BTS smiling warmly

V’s smile is a beacon of warmth and joy that instantly lights up any room he enters. Fans often associate his infectious grin with his playful and caring personality. Experts in facial expressions also note that his smile is a perfect blend of sincerity and charm, making it truly captivating.

2. Hanni (NEWJEANS)

Hanni from NEWJEANS with her bright smile

Today is a special day for Hanni, not just because it’s World Smile Day, but also because it’s her birthday! Her bright and bubbly smile radiates positivity, making her a fan-favorite. Dental professionals have praised the symmetry and natural beauty of her smile, adding another layer of allure.


DK from Seventeen showing his sunlit smile

DK’s sunlit smile is synonymous with positivity and dedication. It reflects his eternal love for Carats, SEVENTEEN’s devoted fanbase. His sort of smile is often cited in dental journals as an example of perfect dental aesthetics, further elevating its appeal.

4. Bang Chan (STRAY KIDS)

Bang Chan from Stray Kids with a sincere smile

The leader of STRAY KIDS, Bang Chan, has a smile that exudes leadership and loyalty. His sincere grin symbolizes the strong connection he shares with his fanbase, STAYs. Psychologists note that his way of smiling has a calming effect, making it truly unique among other K-pop idols.


Yoona from Girls' Generation's timeless smile

Yoona’s enchanting smile has graced the K-pop industry for decades. Characterized by enduring joy, her smile mirrors her lasting presence as a member of the legendary GIRLS’ GENERATION. Dental experts often refer to her smile as a “classic beauty.”

6. Soobin (TXT)

Soobin from TXT's boyish grin

Soobin’s boyish grin captures his youthful spirit and resonates with his fanbase, MOAs. His smile is not just a reflection of his inner charm but also a testament to his remarkable qualities as a performer. It’s a smile that dental professionals often cite as “picture-perfect.”

7. Nayeon (TWICE)

Nayeon from TWICE with her sweet smile

Nayeon’s sweet and unwavering smile is often associated with endurance and fandom love. Her unforgettable charm reflects her everlasting affection for ONCE, TWICE’s loyal supporters. Psychologists have noted that her smile has a “feel-good factor” that is hard to ignore.


Lisa from BLACKPINK's fierce smile

Lisa’s fierce yet captivating smile is a force to be reckoned with. It represents her inner strength and the unwavering support of Blinks, BLACKPINK’s dedicated fanbase. Dental experts have praised the balance and proportion of her smile, making it one of the most talked-about in the industry.

9. IU

IU's elegant and graceful smile

IU’s elegant and enchanting smile is a testament to her years of hard work and success as an artist. Her smile has also earned her the adoration of UAENAs, her dedicated fanbase. Experts in facial aesthetics often cite her smile as an epitome of grace and elegance.

10. Sunoo (ENHYPEN)

Sunoo from ENHYPEN's radiant smile

Sunoo’s radiant smile is a “ray of sunshine” that represents his positivity and the special connection he shares with ENGENEs, ENHYPEN’s enthusiastic fanbase. Dental professionals often refer to his smile as “dazzling,” adding to its allure.

These K-pop idols, apart from their exceptional musical talents, possess smiles that can warm hearts worldwide. Their expressions of happiness bring joy to their fans, making each day a little brighter in the world of K-pop. So, on this World Smile Day, let’s celebrate these enchanting smiles that contribute to making the world a happier place.

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