AESPA’s Styling Controversy: Fans Call for Safer, Fairer Wardrobe

AESPA, the K-pop sensation managed by SM Entertainment, is facing a wave of criticism over its styling choices. The group’s fanbase, known as MY, along with concerned netizens, have taken to social media to express their growing discontent. The primary issues range from alleged favouritism in wardrobe allocation to safety hazards associated with certain outfit choices. Let’s dive into what netizens have to say about AESPA’s Styling Controversy.

Fans call out alleged Favouritism

AESPA's Styling Controversy: SM Entertainment Stylists Under Scrutiny

On X, (formerly Twitter), fans noticed big differences in how AESPA members are dressed. One fan said that in the same time frame, Ningning got nine new outfits, Winter got six, Giselle got three, and Karina hardly got any.

Safety Risks and Styling Missteps

Fans call out alleged Favouritism: Karina's dangerous footwear

Karina, a standout member of AESPA, has been the focal point of numerous safety concerns. Fans have documented instances where her wardrobe malfunctioned during live performances, posing a risk of preventable injuries. Notably, during the 2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon, the sole of Karina’s platform boot detached mid-performance. She has also worn mismatched boots and outfits that pose tripping hazards, contributing to an expanding list of fashion mistakes that include revealing clothes and broken accessories.

Controversial Styling of NingNing

Fans call out alleged Favouritism NingNing's clothes has drawn criticism from fans

The ongoing styling debates have also affected NingNing, the youngest member of the group. She was recently seen in a transparent blouse with only a bra underneath during a performance, sparking a backlash from netizens questioning the appropriateness of such an outfit for televised events. The initial choice of outfit raised questions about the styling team’s judgment, although they later modified it to include a bandeau top.

SM Entertainment Stylists Under Scrutiny

SM Entertainment Stylists Under Scrutiny
RED VELVET’s Joy and Irene

The AESPA’s Styling Controversy isn’t an isolated incident. SM Entertainment stylists have previously faced criticism for their work with Red Velvet, another group under the agency’s umbrella.

The common thread in these critiques is the belief that although K-pop idols are held to high visual standards, their comfort and safety during performances should not be compromised.

As it stands, SM Entertainment has yet to officially address these concerns. The ongoing debate underscores the need for more thoughtful and responsible styling in the K-pop industry, where the emphasis on visuals should be balanced with considerations for the artists’ well-being.

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