Sanha’s Emotional Tribute to Late ASTRO Member Moonbin

In an emotional homage that has touched the hearts of fans and fellow ASTRO members alike, Sanha recently released a cover of the song Neko by DISH//. The time of the upload, 01:26 KST, holds special significance for the AROHA fandom as it coincides with Moonbin’s birthday, January 26th.

Sanha’s description accompanying the cover was deeply personal: “The first time I heard Neko, I was moved to tears. It felt as if the song was a mirror to my own emotions. I wanted to share it, not just for me, but for my family, our ASTRO members, and our devoted AROHA community. Happiness will find us all, that’s a promise.”

Previously, Sanha had mentioned on the fan cafe that he was listening to Neko. The song holds additional sentimental value as Moonbin was affectionately known by the nickname 멍냥이 (a puppy cat). Sanha’s handwritten letter to Moonbin in the memorial area even featured a cat illustration.

Sanha’s touching tribute to Moonbin. – theqoo


In a touching modification to the original lyrics, Sanha replaced the term ‘君’ (Kimi), which means ‘you,’ with ‘ヒョン’ (hyung/형) in the song’s final verses. The lyrics poignantly express a yearning to comfort and hold Moonbin, even if he were to return as a cat.

The video ends with a haunting reminder: the number ‘1’ remains unchanged in ASTRO’s group chat, signifying Moonbin’s irreplaceable absence.

Gone but forever in their hearts

Rocky also shared photos of a gathering with MJ, Jinjin, and Sanha, captioning them with heartfelt emojis dedicated to each member, including a moon emoji for Moonbin.

This heartfelt tribute by Sanha underscores the profound impact Moonbin had on his life and the lives of those around him. It stands as living proof of the unbreakable bonds formed within ASTRO, bonds that not even loss can sever.

Get some tissues ready before you watch Sanha’s heartbreaking tribute to Moonbin below:

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