K-pop News 071023: BTS’ Jungkook, Jennie, NCT 127 and More

Hello K-pop fans! Here’s your daily dose of K-pop News for Oct 7, 2023. Let’s dive into today’s headline-making stories. Read about Jungkook at MTV EMAs, Jennie’s iTunes success, NCT 127’s new Fact Check video, and NEWJEANS’ GODS dance challenge.

Jungkook to perform at MTV EMAs

Jungkook to perform at MTV EMAs

BTS’ Jungkook is set to take the stage at the 2023 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs), Europe’s largest awards ceremony. The MTV EMAs recently unveiled its lineup of performers for the Nov 5, 2023 event, and Jungkook is the only K-pop solo artist to grace the list. He joins a star-studded lineup that includes renowned names like David Guetta, Rene Rap, One Republic, and Stormzy.

Jungkook is also competing in three categories at the MTV EMAs: Song of the Year, Best K-Pop, and Biggest Fans. This marks his first solo nomination at the MTV EMAs. His group BTS previously received awards in major NTV EMAs categories for five consecutive years.

Jennie tops iTunes Song Charts with You & Me

K-pop News Jennie tops iTunes Song Charts with You & Me

BLACKPINK’s Jennie has made a triumphant return with her special single, You & Me. The song quickly soared to the top of iTunes song charts in an impressive 53 countries shortly after its release.

In addition to its global iTunes success, You & Me debuted at #1 on domestic music charts like VIBE and Bugs, immediately gaining popularity. The track also claimed the #1 spot on Melon’s real-time new releases chart, the Hot 100, on its first day.

You & Me was initially unveiled as Jennie’s solo number during BLACKPINK’s Born Pink world tour.

NCT 127 drops performance music video for Fact Check

NCT 127 drops performance music video for Fact Check

NCT 127 has released a performance music video for their track Fact Check. In the video, the members deliver a captivating performance under flashing white lights. Fact Check is the title song for NCT 127’s 5th studio album and is a rhythmic dance track blending a powerful synth loop with Afrobeat notes.

Notably, this version of the music video features only eight members of NCT 127. Taeil, who is recovering from a leg injury sustained in a motorcycle accident in August, was absent. He made a brief appearance in the original music video to voice his parts of the track. Group mate Doyoung stepped in for Taeil towards the end of the performance video.

Check out the performance MV for Fact Check by NCT 127 below:

NEWJEANS GODS dance challenge by Riot Games

NEWJEANS GODS dance challenge by Riot Games

NEWJEANS’ latest single, GODS, continues to make waves globally as it marks the first time a K-pop act has sung the League of Legends World Championship anthem. This song also commemorates the 10th anniversary of anthems for the annual esports tournament.

The cinematic music video for GODS narrates the journey of League of Legends player Deft and features cameos from other renowned League players.

To celebrate the upcoming League of Legends World Championship 2023, Riot Games organized a dance challenge centered around GODS. Dancer and streamer UmiNoKaiju was chosen to choreograph the dance, and her performance video was shared on TikTok and other social media platforms, adding to the excitement surrounding the song’s release.

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