Four girls exit The Debut: Dream Academy, fans react to results

Four more contestants from HYBE’s reality singing competition The Debut: Dream Academy have been eliminated. The results of the competition’s recent Mission 2 challenge were revealed in a video shared on HYBE’s YouTube Channel. It was an emotional moment for all the girls, with many of them shedding tears.

The recent eliminations came after the contestants traveled to Korea to hone their skills as a group. There the girls met with the label’s founder and CEO Bang Si-Hyuk and were mentored by girl group LE SSERAFIM. They later performed Antifragile and Fearless by LE SSERAFIM for their Mission 2 challenge.

Their performances showed how far the girls have come since their audition, and their journey on the show was marked by memorable performances and significant growth as artists. Fans then ‘voted’ for their favorite contestants via the Weverse app. Views for the girls’ individual performances on YouTube were also taken into account.

Watch the The Debut: Dream Academy Mission 2 Elimination Results here:

The contestants who were eliminated

The four contestants saying goodbye after Mission 2 are Karlee, Brooklyn, Iliya and Mei. We were surprised by these results, especially in the case of Brooklyn and Iliya. We felt that these two were safe, based on the strength of their performances during Mission 2. The results proved how important it was for fans to vote for their favorite contestants. It also showed just how tight the competition was in terms of skill and talent.

The contestants themselves also got to choose who they would pick as the Top 6 performers, and the final results reflected this. Sophia, Samara, Yoonchae, Nayoung, Daniela and Lara were revealed to be the Top 6 girls chosen by voters.

While it was certainly heartbreaking to see Karlee, Brooklyn, Iliya and Mei leave, the remaining contestants have continued to impress both the judges and the audience. Recent episodes have managed to showcase their versatility. The contestants’ dedication and passion for their craft were evident in their performances, earning them widespread acclaim.

Four girls exit The Debut: Dream Academy, fans react to results
(from left) Karlee, Brooklyn, Iliya and Mei.

Fan reactions to the elimination

Most fans were heartbroken by the results of the elimination. Many praised Mei for her positive attitude, and her ability to speak Japanese, Korean and English. Others were happy that their favorite performers were able to carry on to the next stage of the competition.

Among the comments found online:

  • “The way Iliya and Mei kept smiling and accepting their elimination was so heartbreaking. They’re so mature and I hope they’ll fulfill their dreams, even if it’s not with Dream Academy.”
  • “I’m so shocked Mei got eliminated. She’s talented, gorgeous, she can speak Japanese, a bit of Korean and English and she’s got such a bright personality and when she performs, she grabs everyone’s attention cuz she also has a face that reels you in.”
  • “I’m so happy that Sophia is still in the competition. Knowing that 14 members also believe that she should debut, that only means she’s just that talented.”
  • “I think Illiya already knew she’s not going to make it. I honestly think she stand out the most as a solo artist and I’m actually rooting for her to be solo artist under Hybe Label.”
  • “Sophia and Samara are more than confirmed to debut!”

Dream Academy girls building their fanbase

In addition to their performances on the show, the contestants have also been engaging with their fans. A recent fan meeting was an emotional affair, with the girls expressing their gratitude for the unwavering support they have received. The bond between the contestants and their fans was a highlight of this season, with many heartwarming moments shared between them.

The remaining contestants will now travel back to the US, to prepare for the next stage of the competition. Mission 3 will be announced on Oct 21.

As The Debut: Dream Academy progresses, viewers can expect more thrilling performances and unexpected twists. With the bar set high, it remains to be seen which contestants will rise to the challenge and secure their place in the music industry.

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