NCT 127 Spills Secrets on The K-Star Next Door

In a recent episode of The K-Star Next Door, NCT 127 members Doyoung, Johnny, Haechan, and Jungwoo sat down with host Jonathan Thona to discuss a variety of topics. The episode was NCT 127’s show debut and aligned with their latest album, “Fact Check,” released on Oct 6.

The episode kicked off with Haechan and Jonathan Thona showcasing their close friendship. Haechan expressed his enthusiasm for rejoining the show, especially with the members he considers the most entertaining in NCT 127.

Doyoung, in particular, revealed his admiration for the show, stating that he often watches it while eating. When asked why he keeps coming back to the show, Doyoung humorously credited Jonathan Thona’s unique hosting style.

Getting candid

The chat veered off course when Doyoung said he was ready for jokes, not expecting Jonathan to follow the script.

This led to a funny exchange between Jonathan and Haechan as they compared their scripts. Despite the initial awkwardness, Doyoung’s hunch was spot-on; he soon became the target of light-hearted jabs about his changing style.

The episode included a Fact Check segment, inspired by their new album. The members dispelled rumours and cleared up misconceptions about themselves.

Doyoung and Jungwoo elaborated on the meaning of “Neo,” signifying both “new” and “trendy,” which they believe encapsulates the essence of NCT 127.

Fashion was a key discussion point, with Doyoung confessing his growing appreciation for NCT 127’s distinct style over time. This led to a humorous moment where Johnny reminded Doyoung of his frequent disagreements with the wardrobe team, a claim Doyoung playfully denied.

The episode wasn’t just all talk but delved into the group’s challenging choreographies. Haechan went on record to say their dance routines are among the toughest in SM Entertainment.

A clip of their debut song Fire Truck revealed the physical toll it took on the members, particularly Yuta, who once injured his knee while performing.

The best abs in NCT

The members also had a light-hearted debate on who among them has the best physique, ultimately crowning Johnny as the winner in the abs category.

Jonathan Thona then shifted the conversation to Jungwoo’s high school popularity, revealing that he was quite the heartthrob, much to Jungwoo’s surprise, as he was unaware of his high school Facebook fame.

The episode wrapped up with the NCT 127 members discussing various other topics, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next instalment of The K-Star Next Door.

Watch the full episode to catch all the fun and insightful moments with NCT 127.

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